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Louis was lost he didn't know where to go, the halls were crowded and so many kids were standing in the middle gossiping in circles. He was going to start walking when a hand grabbed his wrist and pulled him into the bathroom.

" Hey Lou, sorry I'm late, my alarm didn't go off." Harry said looking away.

" It's fine." Louis said, he took Harry's hand off of him and looked down.

" Hey it's ok, don't be embarrassed, c'mon lets get you to class." Harry led louis out and walked him down the hall carefully. When they got to Mr. Malik's class, Harry stopped and smiled at louis.

" Well here we are, I'll pick you up for lunch and you can sit with me." Harry walked away leaving louis to enter his class. Louis really did underestimate Harry, a punk could be nice.

" Ahhh, so nice of you to join us Mr. Tomlinson." Mr. Malik said pointing at louis seat, louis was walking to his seat , when he tripped on the leg of a chair. He had to hold on to his desk so he wouldn't fall, everyone started laughing and making remarks. Louis looked down and sat quickly, he pulled out his pen and notebook, he couldn't wait for Harry to pick him up.

" Class dismissed, please do your homework." Harry walked in to the classroom and strolled over to Louis.

" Ready to go?" Louis nodded and walked towards the cafeteria with Harry.

" Do you have lunch?" Harry asked Louis, he nodded and took out his lunchbox, of course it was something "childish" as described by his old classmates, but in reality it wasn't even childish.

" Nice lunchbox!" A passing boy told Louis sarcastically, his eyes started watering and he looked down. When he looked up he saw Harry standing eye height to the boy, Louis didn't want a huge commotion over him.

" It's fine Harry." Harry shoved the boy and sat back down with Louis.

" Don't listen to him Lou, I like your lunchbox." Louis smiled slightly and proceeded with his lunch.

When lunch was over both Harry and Louis were ready to get home and nap. Harry on the other hand wasn't thinking about napping, his mind was filled with surprisingly ,thoughts of Louis.

" Thank you Harry." Harry smiled and waited for the bell to ring, signaling their last class of the day.

When the bell finally rang, Harry got up and waited for Louis. Louis stood up and looked around, all the popular kids were sitting in a group. He must've been staring too long because a certain gingerboy looked over and smirked. Harry walked out to the grass, Louis following. Louis looked at harry curiously,

" Come on Lou, it's one class." Harry pulled on his lip piercing and smirked, louis sat on the grass, picking at the dandelions. Harry stared in amazement, how could one boy be so happy after all he's been through.

They sat through the whole period talking.

" Bye Louis, I'll see you on Monday." Harry started walking home.

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