Chapter 19 - Hello Beautiful

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Chapter 19

Lana's POV (Back in the Music lesson)

"Right class, this half of the term you will be working in groups as a band with two singers and instruments as well. Now I'm sure you are all old enough to be able to sort yourselves out into groups of three, four or five."

FINALLY! I cheered in my head, something I will be able to do! I can go with Pete, Elliot and Leon and it will be AWESOME!!!! The boys can sing, and one of them can play the drums whilst I play guitar.

I looked towards the boys who were all in conversation about this topic, and didn't even notice me, so I barged through. It may have seemed rude, but it worked.

"Oh, Lana. D'you wanna come with us?" Elliot asked grinning down at me. I hate being shorter than them, I thought bitterly I couldn't complain, I wasn't not short at all, I was about 5"8, but all the boys loomed above me at 5"11 upwards.

I nodded pathetically, but it just made the guys beams brighten.

"Awesome," Pete chimed in. I smiled shyly up at him, blushing. I didn't know why, it was just a weird effect he had on me. "And Leon can join when he comes."

What? I thought, confused. I thought Leon was here? Wasn't he back from the head's office yet? Oh dear, that could not be good.

Shaking off those thoughts, not letting them dampen my abnormally cheerful mood, I set to work with the boys, thinking of ideas for songs. We also decided that I would play guitar, Elliot would go on drums, and Leon and Pete would sing. I didn't think he would mind, and from what I can remember, he could sing really well.

And so the lesson went on.......

Music was finally over, and although I was in a rush to get out of school, I wasn't in a rush to 1) to get stuck in the mob trying to get out of the door, and 2) to get home to the devils I call parents.

When I eventually did get outside, I paused to whip out my phone to text Elliot something I had forgotten to say (well, write) in the lesson, but I would show Pete, who was standing beside me

I unlocked my phone to write to them about meeting up one day after school to work on the songs, maybe Friday (it was Wedsnesday), but saw that I had a message from Leon. I opened it, and skimmed my eyes through the content:

Hey beautiful, soz bout nt being in music, got suspended. wanna tlk 2 u, meet u at the prk! :) xoxo

Aaahhhh, what a sweet message I thought, but my conscience interrupted by saying:

 'NOOO, you're going out with Pete!'

'So? I'm allowed to think it was sweet! Remember, he's just my best friend?'

'I give up on you, I really do!'

I was shaken out of my internal conflict by Pete gently nudging me in the side. I snapped out of it thankfully, but unfortunately  made a very unattractive noise that probably sounded like a stunned chicken!

'Haha, you are a stunned chicken!'

'Shut up, doofus!'

'Nah, I don't think I will.'

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