Me Rayan And Chresanto went Over Craig's House, After School

Jacob-Why Is Your house So Big, And It's Just You Here Majority Of the Time

Craig-My Parents Like Big houses

Ray-why don't you have Any Brother Or sister?

Craig-I-i Do

Santo-where Are they?

Craig-Well Um, it's Not A they, it's just A Her

Jacob-Why haven't We Met Her?, where is She

Craig-She's Up stair's, But she Doesn't Want To see any Of You Guys(Craig Steps in front of the steps)

Ray-Why Not?

Craig Looks At The Ground


I Got Out Of Bed and Got changed out Of the clothes I wore to School, And Into A pink Tank top and Comfortable shorts I walked Down stairs and Into the kitchen, I Got Me A Cup Of water And Walked into The Living Room, And Saw Jacob Chresanto And Rayan, What Are They Doing Here?!, they already Make my Life miserable At school!, why At My Home Too?


I'm Not sure if My eye's Are right but, did YFN just Walk Past Me? In A tank Top and Shorts? Like she lives Here?, Maybe theirs A Reason the Hoe Is Here?

Jacob-Why in the Blue hell Is YN Here?, Craig

Craig-Thats What I've Been Meaning To Tell You guys, You See, YN Is My Sister

"WHAT" Jacob Rayan And chresanto All said At the Same Time, Shocked



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