Chapter One

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Katherine's house 7:15am

One morning, Katherine is making a lovely bowl of off-brand Rice Krispies for breakfast. She's all dressed for school in her usual get up of black and dark purple clothing items. She sits down at the counter and eats as she waits for the time she has to go to the bus stop. 

"Good morning sunflower." her mom, Miranda, says as she sees Katherine when she walks into the kitchen.

"Good morning mom." Katherine smiles.

"Don't forget you have soccer try-outs after school today." Miranda said as she poured herself a cup of coffee.

"I don't know if I should go." Katherine says, cleaning up her eating spot.

"Why not? You always try out" Miranda asks a bit shocked. She knows that Katherine loves soccer more than anything, except for her favorite band.

"I heard that Amelia Johnson is going to try out and she always does something to embarrass me." Katherine says upsettingly.

"That's not true." Miranda says.

"Mom, don't you remember what she did at cheerleader try-outs?" Katherine asks, crossing her arms. Miranda then thinks back to the year before which was Katherine's 2nd year of high school. The most popular girl in school, Amelia, and her tribe of girls all tried out for cheer-leading team as well as Katherine. When it was time to practice a pyramid, they put Katherine on top. Amelia and her crew decided it would be fun to purposely drop Katherine. When they did, Katherine ended up breaking her right ankle and her left arm. She wasn't in school for 3 weeks as a result of the injuries.

"Oh yes.." Miranda says then snaps out of her flashback moment, "but if she tries anything at try-outs today, just smash her pretty little face in with a soccer ball."

"Mom, I'm not that violent," Katherine laughs a bit as she puts her bag over her shoulder. She then hears a honk, "there's the bus. Love you mom." She gives her mom a kiss on the cheek then runs out to the bus. She gets on and finds her usual seat right next to her best and only friend Lily Davenforth.

"So you going to try-outs today?" Lily asks.

"I'm gonna try." Katherine says, rolling her eyes at the thought of Amelia.

"Don't think about that snobby brat. I'll knock her out if she tries anything sneaky." Lily says. They both laugh at the comment and enjoy the ride to school together.

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