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Luna had been staying at the Dean residence for a few days now, in those few days Lisa called nonstop and Luna ignored them

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Luna had been staying at the Dean residence for a few days now, in those few days Lisa called nonstop and Luna ignored them. She guessed it was safe to say Lisa figured out she wasn't staying with the Yorkes.

   "You know you hogged all the covers last night." Karolina said.

Luna hummed in agreement, continuing her drawing, "Like every night before."

  "Except this time you took them all, we were cuddling and you still managed to take them all."

Luna looked up with a smile, "Sorry?"

Karolina smiled fondly, she could never really be mad at her, "It's okay, besides I should know by now, you've done it since we were kids."

Luna nodded, remembering how they practically lived at each other's houses when they were younger, "What are you looking at?" She noticed Karolina flipping through a sketchbook.

   "My grandpa's drawings."

Luna looked over at the sketchbook in Karolina's hands, most of the drawing looked like woman in white dresses. The blonde took note of the unimpressed look that flashed through the pink haired girl's face before humming and returning to her own drawing.

"What do you think of them?"

"They're nice, not my taste though." Luna said.

Karolina glanced at her drawing, raising an eyebrow, "And a glowing blue cube is?"

Luna shrugged, "I didn't know I was drawing this, it just kinda happened. It was supposed to the ocean," she explained right as the tip of the colored pencil broke, "Your colored pencils suck." She threw the pencil into the pile of other numerous broken pencils for Karolina to sharpen them for her.

"I don't use them for art."

Deciding the drawing needed another shade of blue, Luna reached for navy blue when her phone when off, "Decline if it's Lisa."

Karolina checked the phone and saw it wasn't Lisa, "It's not her, it's Serena," she handed her the phone.

Luna quickly answered, "Hey mama."

"Why aren't you at home and why are you ignoring your mother?"

Luna shot up, concerned as to why her mama would be talking to Lisa.

   "Are you okay?" Karolina asked.

Luna shook her head, covered the phone with her hand, "Mama is talking to Lisa," she whispered before going back to the conversation with her mama, "You're talking to mom now? I thought you hated her." Luna said, getting up to go onto the balcony when Frank entered the room.

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