STRANGE MAN ( Chapter 2)

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On one fine afternoon Ella was on her way back to home from school she met a eerie man who was talking to someone or to himself only. On seeing the man Ella became restless and she just straight away walk to him and asked him that" Hey! May I ask you a question "  the man replied "Ya sure you can". Then she asked him that "Whom do you talking right now r u talking with yourself or with the wind". Without wasting a single minute he replied "No I was not talking with myself I was talking with a man ". Then Ella replied " But I am sorry I can't see any man here". The man replied " How can you see child the man is invisible ". After listening to him Ella's manifestation was really gobsmacked. At the same time she was euphoric and peppy that her fantasy about an invisible man was true.Then she asked that man "Oom can I also talk to that invisible man" . After reasoning for a minute he said to her " Yes for sure you can talk with him chid take this BELL it will help u out in calling that Man take this" without even thinking Ella had taken that BELL and she thanked that man went off to her home.

So this is the end of chapter 2 . I hope guys u will like this chapter ! Chapter 3 will come soon.

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