Chapter 5: Are you sassy now?

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So, I'm sad to say it's reached the end of my book. D:
But, are you SASSY now? Can you use Glader terms appropriately? Be sassy at inappropriate times? Ship Thominho? Yes you should have accomplished all of these. Here's a test:
Someone says:
"I'm gonna break your leg."
What do you say?
A. "Shut your freaking mouth shuck face!"
B. Punch the klunk outta him.
C. Sass him with all your sassiness.
D. All the above.

All the above!

So. Did you get it correct? If you did, your a sassafras! Yes! You've accomplished it! If you got one right, your on your way. (Lol it's impossible to get one wrong.)
But I hope you enjoyed my little story. Comment "Just-Sass" if you want a book about how Minho gets to jail. Lol! Thanks guys for the votes, comments, reads, likes, and adding to library! Thank you! I love you guys!
Also check out my Subject A5-Newt book and Subject A7-Minho book! Thanks guys!

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