13: smiles and sunsets (camp day 2)

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"Wake up for Allah's sake, will you?" Humaira yelled making me forcefully open my eyes. I stood up and saw her all ready.

"Humi, you already got ready ? Seriously when did you wake up?" I asked her while trying to find my toothbrush from my bag.

"Everyone except you had already got ready. Soniya and Naiza even went to have the breakfast. Why did you sleep late last night?" She asked as she sorted out the mess of clothes that I had created while finding the brush.

Last night's event played in my mind.

"Aayat? Are you with me?"

Humaira's voice brought me back as I just shrugged and said,

"Um..I was unable to sleep.thats why.."

I returned inside the tent after doing brush.

"I am going outside .You change the clothes fastly okay?" She walked out the tent while I nodded.

I chose a black kurti that had full length sleeves with blue jeans for the day. After wearing the clothes, I made my hair into a bun and than applied the moisturizer and sunscreen. After applying a soft pink coloured lip tint I wore my new black coloured hijab and than grabbed my handbag.

Checking for my phone in the bag , I walked out the tent and than went to the village restaurant for the breakfast.

Upon reaching there, we took our seat with Naiza and Soniya. The breakfast consisted of delicious south Indian food.

After I was done eating, I went towards the mini wash basin and washed my hands. As I turned I bumped into Aaliyah,

"So--" I was about to say but she started talking,

"Are you blind?"

I glared at her and said,

"No gladly I am not, but I guess you are, or else you would have seen that already a person was standing here."

The girl standing beside her whose name was Benita gasped while Aaliyah glared back at me. Nevertheless, I ignored her and went towards where everyone was sitting.

I sat on the chair while I saw Mahir already standing in the centre gaining everyone's attention as he said,

"So friends,

Today, we are first going to visit the Village school and meet the children out there.we will than donate the books that we have brought with us there.

Than, we will be heading towards the main work we are here for.
As you all know, diseases nowadays, are spreading among people very quickly. And it is essential for everyone to understand how important are the routine health check ups.

In this regard, we will be holding a camp in the village ground. The Municipal Hospital doctors are going to accompany us and they are offering free health check ups too.

Our work is only to inform the villagers about it and make sure that everyone understands the importance and need of it."

Everyone nodded to him while he went back to where he was sitting and Hamza took his place and started saying,

"And, at the end of the day, there is a little surprise from us seniors, to you all! So ,.shall we get started ?"

"Yasss..." Everyone screamed together.

As we all were done, we started walking towards our first Destination that is the village school.

The sun was by now shining in its full glory making our eyes squinted as we walked through the rocky roads. When we were walking number of kids with their back packs on their shoulders ran towards the school.

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