Gyomei Himejima; 🍋

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(im so glad people are giving this gentle giant the love he deserves cuz damn i would give him my heart and soul)

A tired!gyo x fem!reader lemon
Requested by: @AnimeFreak257

Warning: NSFW!! Cursing, long chapter

Warning: NSFW!! Cursing, long chapter

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Whoa. Another chapter for this precious bb!


"My days! What happened to you!?" You esclaimed, rushing towards two kakushis struggling to shoulder the weight of the colossal stone pillar, who at the moment looked heavily injured. "He just got back from a mission!" Oke of the kakushi informed you. The wounds weren't so bad to a point where Gyomei was unable to walk, but he seemed very tired.

You quickly grabbed one of his his arm, placing it over your shoulder and placed your palm on his back as support. You could hear his grunts of exhaustion.

Not just as the demon slayer corps' medic, but as Himejima's friend, it pains your heart to see him and the other demon slayers put their lives on the line to protect other humans. But, for now- you're just thankful that he made it back alive.

You walked him inside the sick bay, sitting him down on the bed. Thankfully, it was big enough for him to fit in one. While you let the other kakushis leave the two of you alone, you cleaned him up and started cleaning some blood off of him.


You sighed to yourself, to think that the strongest pillar could get injured.


He must've ran into one of the upper moons..

Your mind rambled on as you bandaged up his leg, careful not to hurt him.

"(Y/N)."  Gyomei called you again, and you finally flicked your head up to meet his stare.


"Thank you. I appreciate your kindness.. " he said.

"H-himejima-san.. Don't worry! This is nothing." You said, reassuring your patient. "I'm sorry for causing you trouble." He said as you started treating the wound on his arm. You paused, shaking your head. "Stop it, you've done so much for us, Himejima-san. This is the least I could do to repay you and the others." You smiled, and continued your work.

"Please, don't worry. I'll take care of you." You smiled, fully focused on treating his arm.

Though he couldn't see, he could sense your uplifting and heartwarming smile.
He smiled back at you and hummed in approval, "Then I'll leave it to you."

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