Delia 2

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            The next day I did not see Delia at school.  No one but me seemed to notice her absence.  With her being a new student, she did not even register in the teacher’s attendance list.

            I had written off last afternoon’s encounter as one of those magical, spur of the moment things.  They were new in town and I was intrigued by their friendliness. They were probably just one of those people who were very friendly and invited everyone to hang out with them without meaning it. I’m not saying they were plastic, but you know, there are some people like that. “I just met you and I’m having a huge party, you should stop by, the more the merrier…and so on”.

            Imagine my surprise when I was having lunch at the cafeteria when I got a barrage of texts from Delia and Wentworth asking me where I was and how come I never texted last night after I arrived home. I told them I was at school, like every other seventeen year old. They laughed at that reply telling me not to forget the small party at their place tonight. I non-committedly told them I’d TRY to stop by. They saw right through me and asked me to give them a firm yes as to my attendance. I finally relented and gave them clear “yes”. I guess it wouldn’t hurt to skip my SAT prep class.


            They had told me to meet them at the pub after my last class. When I got there, I saw the two of them sitting at a table with a huge pan of pizza. Only two slices had been touched. I was glad to see I haven’t been making them wait long.

            I gave them a shy wave of the hand a smile when they noticed me head towards them.

            “Gins! Where have you been?!” Delia said, a little too loudly. Was she drunk?

            “Finally, someone interesting to talk to.” Wentworth said with a crooked smile while Delia gave him a snide look.

            I laughed. “Hey guys! Thanks for inviting me. Have you been here long?”

            “Not sure. I lost count after my third drink.” Delia laughed. She leaned in to whisper, “I think it’s starting to hit me. I’m no light-weight but I’m not really sure what’s been in my ‘Pepsi’”.

            I turned to Wentworth, unable to mask my discomfort with a forced grin. “Is she going to be okay?”

            “I’m awesome, darlin’!” Delia said with a husky voice.

            Wentworth ignored her. “Have some pizza”.

            “I will in a bit, thanks.”

            That’s when Scott, the waiter from yesterday came over. “I’m ready to go.” He placed a hand on Delia’s shoulder. He was not wearing his uniform.

            “Awesome.” Delia smiled. “Gins, I have to get going, but I’ll see you in a bit at Wentworth’s place.”

            I sat there with my mouth open for a minute, not registering what was happening or knowing what to say next. “Uhhh…but…where are you going? You’re leaving now?”

            She just smiled and stood up. “I’ll see you in a few.” She leaned in and gave me a goodbye kiss on the cheek.

            “Oh, okay.” I felt awkward protesting. I just met the girl. I didn’t feel like I had any right to get mad at her or question her or worry about her. 

            Delia was out the door with Scott the waiter.

            “Do you know where she’s going? Should we like go with her? She seemed a little drunk”.

            Wentworth shrugged. “She’s not. I’ve seen her drink bottles without getting affected.  She’s just playing it up like she usually does.”

            “I think her drink was spiked with something else.”

            He shrugged again. “She does what she wants, sober or intoxicated. She’ll be fine. Like she said, she’ll be back in a bit.”

            That didn’t help my worry at all. “I know I just met you guys and all, but….” I didn’t know how to finish that sentence.

            Wentworth just smiled. He shifted his seat and leaned in close to me. “So how was school?”

            “What? Okay, I guess…”

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