Chapter 2

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"Are you okay, David?" James asks as we slide into his car.

"I'm fine." I lied.

"Why are you lying?"

"Just drive James." I snapped.

The drive home was quiet and when we pulled up in our driveway, I quickly dashed out, into the house and straight to my room. I locked my bedroom door and flopped face first into my sheets.

I could not stop the tears as they slid from my eyes once again and nor did want to. They allowed for a basic relief that I needed to keep me from going crazy. Half an hour later I was in my shower, trying to clear my head.

So this is what rejection feels like for the first time? It makes me feel like never loving again. I should have never told him anything, unrequited love was better than total rejection.


The next day at school I felt that I was being watched multiple times but when I tried to find out who it was I was always at a lost.  I tried to ignore it and December throughout the day and acted the role of my normal self. My plan would have worked if only my Physics teacher had seen it my way.

"Today class, you will be given this term's project that will be worth forty percent of your final grades. There are five topic choices: Radioactivity, Waves, Thermal Physics, Theory of the Atom or Lenses. You will work in groups of two and assignments are non- negotiable."

I had blocked him out when he started talking nut suddenly I hard two names that sent my heart ice cold.

"December Clarkson and David Lyre."

The gasp escaped me before I could contain myself and I dropped my head on my desk to avoid everyone's gaze.

The bell rang soon after and when I made to bolt his voice stopped me cold in my tracks.

"David." He called out.

"Can we talk, you know, about the project?"

"Walk with me." I suggested, he nodded and we set out.

No on spoke for a few seconds before he started.

"We can meet up at my house to work out the actual details since we only have two more minutes to get to our last class."

"Okay, sure." And he was off.

My last class was uneventful thankfully and I was nervous when the final bell rang. I assumed that he was giving me a ride there since I had no car and had no idea where he lived. That would mean alone time with him and I don't think that I was prepared in the least. But first I had to find my brother and tell him that I was not going home with him today and so he could leave. So after I took the textbooks that I needed for homework, I made my way to the student parkinglot.

I spotted him immediately in the middle of his group of friends - the popular kids. He was the tallest of their group and had the loudest mouth ever.

"James!" I teller out.

He heard me and shook the school prostitutes: Lily and Lindy off his arms and made a beeline for me. I pretended not to see the look of utter disdain that they shot at me for their own sakes - James was not afraid to hit a woman who deserves it, he was all for equal rights.

When he teacher close enough to me he engulfed me in a hug, lifted me off the ground and smacked his lips to mine in our  traditional after school greeting. It lasted for a second before he started to lift me high to be able to place me across his shoulders but I stopped him.

"Wait! I'm not going home with you today."

"Why not?" He pouted.

"I have a project to work on w I-I the one of my classmates and we're going to his house." I explained.

"Oh! Okay, I'll tell Mom and Dad." I gave him another peck before he let me down and gave me a goofy wave.

I watched him drive off with Sam, his bestfriend, in the front seat of his car. When they were no longer in sight I set about looking for December's car and when I turned on my right, I saw him leaning against an expensive looking car and oh my gosh did he look fantastic. It was like a model came right out of a magazine and was named December Clarkson. When my gaze met his my blood went cold. His eyes were cold and I felt like I had done something that I should be ashamed of. I did not know why I suddenly wanted to apologize and I could not explain to you why I wanted to cry.

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