Chapter III: Mystery Guy

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Andrea entered Cafe Europe, the nearest cafe from her apartment, and sat herself on an empty booth by the window revealing LA blistfully welcoming the end of Spring.

Victoria Smith, her closest friend in UCLA has arranged for them to meet to tell her all the details of her weekend trip to Chicago, Illinois, where her boyfriend's, Jerry Manchester, family resides. Andrea remembered her friend's excited yet nervous blabbers about the weekend as she reacquiant herself with the interior design of the coffee shop.

Cafe Europe, though the name bears the continent, is decorated with Victorian furnitures and fleur-de-lis wallpaper giving off the 19th century England feel to it, so out of place in hip and modern LA. For the past four years, she had tasted all its menu, and found herself liking it better than Starbucks. The people that crowd the place are humble and happy and well, relaxed so unlike Starbucks, where people go in, buy their coffee, and go out.

"Andie!" a tall blonde girl wearing an unbottoned green cashmere jacket over a black tank top and denim shorts shouted from the just-opened door, dragging her off her reverie, quite rudely but it is welcomed.

Andrea's face light up as she gaze at her friend, "Vickie," she greeted back as she stand up and meet her friend with an inviting embrace.

"How was it?" asked Andrea, rather nervous at her story, noting how tightly Victoria clung to her as she gave her a welcoming hug.

Victoria took a deep breath and look at Andrea square in the eyes with a really serious expression, "They love me," she said as a wicked smile slowly creep to her face.

Andrea, quite surprised, not because she thought they did not like her friend, for heaven's sake she would bet her life that at one look they will like her and that at one word they would love her, and she never doubted her friend. But the look she gave her, well, it was deceiving.

"Victoria, don't you ever do that, you almost gave me a reason to kill someone," she snapped at Victoria who continued to smile goofily at her.

"And they will have all the more reason to not like me," Victoria retorted.

"How can they not like you when they are dead?" she asked, teasingly.

"Oh, please, Andie Let's change the topic, shall we?" Victoria said as a mental image flash in her mind and shook it off.

"Okay.... So, tell me everything!" Andrea said in a girlish way as she reach out for one of Victoria's hand.


The conversaton took longer than expected. It was about noon when they met up and talked, but as Andrea look at her wristwatch after Victoria told her tale, it was already nearing three. Oh how time pass when you're enjoying yourself!

After juicing up all the details to the last drop, Victoria leaned back comfortably at her backrest and smiled at Andrea, "So what's with Edward now?" she asked, toying with her bracelet charm.

"Nothing, we broke up," Andrea answered flatly, as she read her thesis thoroughly looking for mistakes.

Victoria took Andrea's uninterested demeanor as hurt so she put her hand, which was toying with her charm, on top of Andrea's hand on top of the table, trapping Andrea's red ball point pen underneath both hands, "He dumped you?" she asked in her most concerned tone.

Andrea's eyes suddenly widened and looked at her friend, the same time she jerked off her hand and say "No,"

It was now Victoria's turn to widen her eyes in surprise, "So it is the other way around?"

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