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still i sat down and waited.

20 𝑚𝑖𝑛𝑠 𝑙𝑎𝑡𝑒𝑟

principal: Samantha your gonna be staying with these gentleman for now.

principal: Samantha your gonna be staying with these gentleman for now

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Next to the principal stood 2 guys with black hair. One was a little taller than the other guy the tall one stood there just staring at me and the other guy just had big smile on his face.

come on samantha! Dont be rude.

i gave a smile back and introduced myself

S: Hey there im Samantha

M: Mattia polibio

( ok but like...who asked ferb)

the tall guy said and the other one waved

A: Im alejandro...rosario

S:Nice to meet ya

Principal: Know that you know eachothers name. Gentleman, samatha will be staying with you 4 so please take good care of her

M: Ha. Yea Mrs we'll treat her like a princess

"Mattia" smirked

Uh..ok weird

Principal: Glad to hear it! Stay safe guys and stay home.

The guys started walking out but stopped eventually

A: uh. You coming?

Shit well I have to

S: oh yea sorry.

I followed them out the principals office and to the parking lot

S: Uh.. so you guys have your own house

M:For now the guys in there are giving us a house to stay until everything is safe at out own houses

S: oh alright

A:what was your name again?

S: Samantha but- you can call me sam

A: the others are at the house so come on let's hurry up.

M:were gonna pass by chick fil a for food

A: bruh foreal!?

Alejandro looked at mattia with a "are you serious " face

M:what I'm hungry I dont know about you guys.

S: No cap I'm hungry too

A- okay then chick fil a it is

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