You know you've been in matching band too long when..

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1.) Letter past "G" aren't important. ✔️

2.) You mark time to the radio. ✔️

3.) When someone starts to clap an you automatically snap to attention.✔️

4.) Slides feel normal...✔️

5.) You didn't think of a playground when you read #4.✔️

6.) Your always instep with people around you. ✔️

7.) You instantly recognize key changes when listening to the radio.

8.) You can change into or out of your uniform in less than 60 seconds.

9.) You've actually TIMED the above.

10.) You've calculated the bombed of 8 to 5 steps it takes to get to cross a field.

11.) You subconsciously start humming your freshman half time show.✔️

12.) ....others join in....✔️

13.) You continue through to the current years show.

14.) All of these above apply to you.

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