What Did I Tell You

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(The Rory in I Still Love You Rory and this one ARE NOT the same Rory as the first chapter. There was a while between the chapters and I forgot names lol) 

Rory and his friend had been doing a handstand competition over facetime in the basement and Jake was a little cheesed. They were supposed to watch Hamilton on Disney Plus and Rory went and made plans and didn't care to update Jake. Since past events, Rory tells Jake everything and they've been getting closer again. Jake still feels bad about how rough he was with Rory but he needed to get his point across. Rory came bouncing up the stairs with a smile and kept talking to the guy on the other end of the call. Rory watched Hamilton on his own when it appeared at midnight and loved it. He'd gladly watch it again but he wants to do what Jake had done to him for years. Petty? Yes. Does Rory care? No. 

An hour later, Jake stormed into the basement and found Rory scrolling through Instagram. 
"Are you still on the call?" Jake asked. 
"No," Rory replied without looking up. 
"Want to show me your handstand? I remember you doing them when we were younger," Jake said, trying to sound calm. 
"Now why the hell would I do that?" Rory asked. 
"Just do it. Come on. For old times sake?" Jake asked. 
"Ugh, fine," Rory got up and did his handstand. His back was towards Jake and that was his second mistake. First was swearing. Jake walked up to Rory and grabbed around his hips when he started to go down. 
"Wh-what are you doing?" Rory asked, struggling to keep himself up. 
"You'll see," Jake said and pulled Rory's sweatpants away from his sensitive parts. 
"J-Jake?!" Rory exclaimed in shock as Jake forced his head between Rory's legs and kissed his balls. Jake still had an arm around Rory's waist and took Rory into his mouth. Jake tried his hardest to rip an orgasm from Rory. Sucking hard and deep, teasing Rory's tip with his tongue, circling Rory's hole with his thumb, opening Rory carefully and trying to hurry this up so he doesn't hurt Rory by having him upside down for too long. Rory's knees had fallen forward and more open and Jake loved how hard Rory was trying to keep his arms supporting him. Jake has a firm grip on Rory and wouldn't let him fall but the struggling and moaning is appealing. Rory's legs started to thrash around a little as the younger squirmed. 
"Cum Rory. It won't be the last time," Jake said and applied enough pressure on Rory's hole to penetrate it and Rory moaned and did as he was told. 
"Do you remember what I said to you last time?" Jake asked opening a lube bottle that he brought down. 
"N-no," Rory panted as Jake carried him, upside down, to the couch. Jake squeezed a good amount of the lube into Rory. 
"Disobey me again and I'll make you bounce on my dick so hard you won't be able to sit on a chair without bouncing for a week. We had plans, I told you to be there and you didn't show so now, I'm living up to that promise," Jake said flipping Rory up properly as he sat down. Jake eased himself into Rory as the blood went back to the rest of Rory's body and Rory moaned and clung onto the couch behind Jake. Starting off slowly, Jake riled himself up. He was about to unleash his anger of the week on Rory so then Rory could remember the feeling of be so fucked out, his body can't remember how to sit on a chair. As Rory started to feel more evened out, Jake snapped his hips up and all Rory could do was tip his head back and his legs relaxed on their own. His knees were bent on both sides of Jake's hips and Jake was holding Rory up. Rory's phone lit up on the couch beside Jake with a message from their dad saying he was fifteen minutes out with pizza. 
"I'm going to go fast because I have yet to cum and a time limit. Use your word if you want me to stop," Jake said and waited for a nervous Rory to nod. Once that confirmation was given, Jake worked up to a ruthless, prostate destroying, gut rearranging speed and depth and Rory deflated in pleasure. The feeling of Jake's dick being pulled out of him and pushed back in is addicting. Rory had done some things during the week that he wasn't proud of and thought he deserved to be taken like this. Not a single fuck given about him. He also enjoyed the idea of being used as a fuckdoll for someone to pound. The thought of being walked in on was exciting and terrifying at the same time. Jake pulled Rory's shirt up and slowed down to a loving pace as he sucked a hickey onto Rory's chest. Once satisfied with that, Jake let go of Rory's skin and chased his own orgasm, pulling two more out of the over-stimulated Rory before marking his territory. Jake smirked to himself as Rory flopped against his chest, breathing heavily, trembling, warm, sweaty, and bordering sleepy land. Jake kissed Rory's shoulder and neck and the side of his face. 
"We have to get cleaned up. Dad'll be home any minute now," Jake said and made Rory look presentable. Or to the level where Jake could play it off as Rory being tired. Not a complete lie but not the truth. Jake chuckled at Rory as the smaller struggled to walk on his own. The stairs weren't easy but with a death grip on the railing, Rory made it up the steps. 

"Evening boys! Grab a seat at the table and I'll grab the good china," Their dad said with a wink. Rory carefully sat in his usual spot and Jake could tell that Rory was feeling something down there. Maybe it's lube and a little bit of leftover cum leaking out of him or the memory of having something in him not long ago. Whatever it is or if it's a mixture of both, Jake was proud of himself. 

The three of them sat at the table and ate their pizza. Rory fought the urge to squirm and find a way to not sit on his aching hole. He had the feeling that he used to get when he was on the edge of a pool with his arms on the deck just vibing and then he'd get into bed and feel like he was rocking but sitting up and bouncing. There was also a bit of the feeling of being filled and then the slight feeling of his insides being sucked out from Jake pulling out. Rory definatley likes the feeling of being used and he hopes that they don't get caught. 

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