Chapter 30

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I heard a few gasp from the crowd which was followed by quiet murmurs from the crowd behind me which started getting louder.

"Who is that?"

"Challenge the Luna?"

"Did she say first blood of Rosalyn?"

"I thought Rosalyn's daughter was dead?"

Eleanor's face began to contour into rage."QUIET!!" She roared, commanding my pack to be silent and inserting her Luna dominance into her voice.

"Stephan take her away! She has no right to be here." She ordered. Stephan stepped out of the crowd and prowled towards me, a wicked gleam on his face.

I realised I still had my hood over my head so I pull it off revealing my face. "I have the right to be here!"I said walking towards the steps, towards Eleanor and Sabrina. I didn't dare look at Kian, who no doubt was watching me right now feeling betrayed.

"They," I said pointing to the crowd, to my fellow pack members, "deserve the truth. Tell them Eleanor. Go on. Tell them how you killed my mother. Tell them how you killed Rosalyn. " I shouted so everyone could hear, as I continued to walked up the stairs, towards her. My body trembling with anger now and my voice laced with venom.

The crowd gasped and I felt people's emotions pouring through the pack bond. They were surprised, angry and confused.

This time Paul, one of the members from the werewolf council , spoke up confused and surprised by the sudden change in the situation.

"Hold on, are you the daughter of Rosalyn Everson?" He said as he looked me straight in the eyes for my confirmation.

I was now standing at the top of the stairs face to face with Eleanor, Sabrina, Paul and Kian and Jessen who were standing behind me.


His eyes studied me. "If it's true you should have a Luna mark on your hip. Show us."

I lifted my jumper and shirt up to reveal my marking on my left hip which connected me to my birth mother and the True Luna.

"A full silver moon marking?" he said surprised.  I turned to show the crowd that I was telling the truth.

"But how? Only the great True Luna's posses that marking and we haven't had one in hundreds of years. Are you the True Luna?" He asked.

I closed my eyes and opened them. I knew they were glowing bright amber now and surprisingly so was my marking. It was glowing.

"Yes I am. It is also my birth right to be the next successor my pack."

"She is right, Eleanor." spoke Paul looking at Eleanor. Distrust towards her in his eyes.

He held his hands up and addressed the crowd. "The girl is the telling the truth. Before me stands the True Luna and daughter of Rosalyn. Your rightful leader."

I heard an frustrated and angry ear piercing screech, "No! I am meant to be the Luna. You ruined everything, you bitch!!" Screamed Sabrina angrily at me as she started taking slow steps towards me and pointing at me.

"You don't deserve to be the Luna, not when you and your mother both have blood on your hands. A real Luna would not let her pack members die. A real Luna would not be working with the vampires!" I remarked.

The crowd let out confused gasped and murmurs. I saw Nick, Jade, Colleen, Alec and John emerge from withing the crowd and were now standing at the front of the crowd looking at me.

Rick nodded as if saying 'It's OK, we are with you'.

"We will no longer listen to you, Eleanor!" Nick shouted so everybody could hear him as he step forward.

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