As we landed on John F. Kennedy International Airport, Jesse wrapped his hand on mine before heading towards the exit door, when a group of paparazzi began swarming all over us.

My head snapped towards one of them who was shoving his camera up my face. Biggest mistake of my life when the flash suddenly blinded me. I quickly ducked away and covered my face on Jesse's chest.

"Did you guys secretly get married?"

"Jesse what do you have to say about your relation ties with Germany?"

"Your brother is in town? What do you have to say about your step brother?"

"Your girlfriend seems to have a relationship with Enrico. Don't you think you are dating a gold digger?"

That did it when suddenly Jesse stopped in his track and looked around vividly. Paparazzi pounding for a reaction and they were going to get it.

I didn't want Jesse to be ruining his reputation by answering to such absurd comments, but when I tugged on his shirt, he seems to remained rooted with not much effort. Even with body guards around, I didn't feel the slightest bit safe from all these: I was pressured and sure as hell afraid.

My eyes trained all over the crowd, somewhere in the midst of them all I saw a familiar figure. I blinked several times, before focusing on the same spot to find the man gone. I couldn't believe what I was seeing. Hell, I didn't want to believe it. Being persistent, I wanted to leave now, I turned my attention back towards getting Jesse out of here.

"Jesse," I whispered," please just ignore them and let's go."

But he wasn't listening to me anymore. I could tell the stiffness of his body next to me and his hand forming into a tight fist, ready to hurt someone.

"Don't you dare call my girlfriend that again!" He roared at the direction of the comment, "I'll sue everyone of you and believe me when I say I'll win. Do not test my patience, get the hell away from my face now!"

There were bunch of whispers before everyone spread the way like the sea of Moses and he tugged me away in a rush. We exited in a nice sleek black car back towards the safe haven of his apartment. Way to make an exit.

I was glad he defended me, but I was far from happy, my heart constricted inside my chest as it pumped louder and faster. I was feeling nausea as my heart spiral like a damn staircase. Jesse must noticed the tenseness of my body because the next second he pulled me flushed against him and wrapped me in a comfortable embraced, "What's wrong?"

I couldn't replied, I didn't want to tell him anything yet, because I wasn't sure myself. Looking out the window I watched the scenery changed to that of the quite street of Jesse's apartment. I wanted to go home, just back to where I know I'll be able to control everything around me again.

Control was one of the thing I need in my life.

"Hey, if it's about that comment, I'll make sure that person is going to pay."

"No," I choked on the sobs that was starting to build up, "please just leave him be, he's not important. I just don't feel good, I want to go back to my apartment Jesse."

"What's wrong?," he asked worried, "tell me where it hurts babe."

I shook my head and faced him with a forced smile, "I just want to rest in my own bed alright."

"Okay, I'll take you home. I know you are not being honest with me Amelia but I'll let this go,
for now."

He asked the driver to turned around towards my apartment and I was slightly relieved. I didn't need him to pressure me into anything right now, I'm not sure if I could take it. Being paranoid was probably what I was doing, but you can't help it when you live in abusive family at such a small age. I was lucky to get out alive.

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