Their reaction when you call him daddy for the first time

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Hinata~he would blush and faint because he have never been called like that.

Daichi~he would blush but smirk a bit because he has a daddy kink

Sugawara~he would blush but wouldn't really like it because he is the MUM so you would call him Mommy.

Kuroo~he would smirk a lot and have a dirty though about you calling him that.

Kenma~he would turn red as tomato but wouldn't really like it that much.

Bokuto~he would smile and smirk but he would take you to bed and (imagine what happens next)

Ushijima~inside he would smirk but outside he would blush and pretend he didn't hear it.

Tendou~he would be surprised and smirk but would blush as well.

Tsukishima~he would be embarrassed and blush but he liked being called like that but wouldn't show it.

Yamaguchi~he would blush and faint but you couldn't call him that because you would be scared he would faint again.

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