A BIG Question (chapter 1)

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Once upon a time in a street of London their lived a resplendent girl named Ella who was just a 10 year old . she was somewhat distinct from rest of her boon- companions as she was always lost in her own make- believe world . Ella all the time asked her mother an unusual question that ,"Momma will u please tell me that the person can become invisible?" after listening to this question her mother just give her a chuckle look and then she give a reply to her question "Ella dear from where this question had came in your mind"? then the girl replied "momma I have seen in the movie so I was very curious to know that invisible man are real or not? "Then her mom gave a reply "Oh my little child the invisible man are only in the movie it is not at all real so just stop thinking about this stupid stuff just focus on your studies dear". But the poor little girls was not able to believe on what her mom had said. The same question she asked to her friends, relatives, school mates and teachers. But all the people gave just one single that is "No , No ,No it is all fantasy world and their is a big difference in real and virtual world" ." On this planet their was nothing like an invisible man". Again and Again and getting the same answer she became tired and then she finally decided that now she will not ask this question to anyone.And she will try to understand herself that this is all her imagination . So finally from that day she had never asked that question Again.
Hey guys! I hope you will all enjoy this story . Chapter 2 will come soon.

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