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glow up:

1. drink lots of water I am drinking a gallon a day

2. don't be shy do what you want to do 

3. test you limits 

4. eat three meals a day 

5. go outside for more then an hour 

6. have some family time 

7. wear something new!

8. work out lots 

9. do something school related 

10. hang out with friends 

11. be nice to someone 

12. help out around your house 

13. put something in your room that makes you happy 

14. clean your room 

15. talk to a friend 

16. text a relative 

17. go to bed at a reasonably time 

18. brush your hair and teeth 

19. wash your hands 

20. clean your yard

21. play with animals 

22. hang out with siblings 

23.  talk to a friend or sister or brother 

24. put make up on every second day (if you wear makeup) 

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