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they left the shelter, hand in hand, with wonwoo's face burning red whenever mingyu sneaked a few cheek kisses and sweet compliments. wonwoo wasn't going to lie, he enjoyed receiving these types of things for mingyu, some things his previous boyfriend never did on his own initial. but he somehow he felt like he was taking too much, and not giving anything back.

so what could he do to maybe- surprise mingyu? what could he do to let mingyu know how much he appreciates the way mingyu treats him.

"do you want to get ice cream before we go to the mall?" mingyu suggested, looking down to the elder who started swinging their arms with their hands still locked together.

"are we actually going to eat it this time?" wonwoo asked, mingyu's face showing slight confusion.

"what do you mean? we ate ice cream after we went to the arcade."

"i mean, we didn't actually finish them did we?" wonwoo said, looking up at mingyu who had a face of realisation, remembering how he threw his ice cream cup away just to kiss wonwoo.

"hey, we were in the heat of the moment, okay?" mingyu suddenly then stopped in the middle of the street, turning his body so he matched wonwoo's gaze. "plus, how could i focus on eating the ice cream, when i'd rather eat you instead?"

mingyu didn't expect his words to come out so forward like that, thinking wonwoo would be weirded out, but the flustered look on wonwoo's face made him smile. "m-mingyu, we're in p-public!"

mingyu leaned down to kiss wonwoo on the nose, the elder's stomach filling with butterflies from the younger's contact and his cheeks becoming red for the nth time. "you're cute when you get flustered."

"h-how can you expect me to not to get flustered w-when you- you stay something like that?" wonwoo said in a panic, still not used to the sight of mingyu being thsi close to him. he then saw a smirk form on the latter's face, asking, "why are you smirking?"

"did you imagine it?" mingyu said, and that was enough for wonwoo to unlock their hands and push mingyu away, laughing.

"no way! you're disgusting to even think that." wonwoo protested, turning away and start walking towards the direction of the ice cream stand that was situated a few meters away.

mingyu caught up and then leaned in close enough to whisper in the elder's ear, "i bet you did, baby." after that, he smirked at wonwoo and then jogged towards the end of the line for the sweet treat, leaving wonwoo in an annoyed yet blushing mess, still not able to get over the pet name.

how can he be so sweet and endearing at times, and then say things that are so dirty?

mingyu collected their ice creams from the end of the counter, thanking the kind lady then walking towards the table. he smiled as he presented wonwoo's cone to him. "one strawberry ice cream with strawberry sauce and extra sprinkles for jeon wonwoo, aka, my baby." mingyu said as he handed the treat to a smiling and blushing wonwoo.

"you know, i'm never going to not blush when you call me baby." wonwoo said as he took his ice cream from mingyu and taking the first lick, messing up the neatly drizzled sauce and assorted sprinkles. mingyu sat in the metal chair beside the elder, taking out the chocolate wafer stick and munching on it. wonwoo then asked, "since you gave me a cute pet name, i should have an equally cute pet name for you." he took another lick of his ice cream. "so what do you want me to call you?"

"i'm fine with anything, really. just call me whatever you think suits me best." mingyu said as he scooped a portion of his vanilla treat with the mini, coloured spoon.

they sat in a short silence, wonwoo thinking of nicknames he could call mingyu. a playful smirk grew on his lips as he knew the perfect name ideas he could ask mingyu, and a way to finally get back at the younger for all the teasing. "i like the name gyu. hmm.. and also love and baby."

"but baby is your nickname though." mingyu said with a small pout. wonwoo laughed at the cute expression and placed a light kiss on mingyu's cheek.

"fine then, it won't be baby." wonwoo then pondered for a bit. "how about daddy then?"

mingyu was drinking from his water bottle as wonwoo said his comment. and hearing the word daddy come out from wonwoo's mouth as a name he would personally call mingyu, made him choke and cough, hoping that no one even heard their conversation. "wonwoo- you can't just-" mingyu coughed again, still not being able to get the thought of wonwoo calling him daddy. "say those kind of things when we're in public." he took a napkin from his pocket and wiped the dribbling water he had spat out from the side of his mouth.

"oh really now?" wonwoo said with a playful, questioning tone. "just a few minutes ago, you were saying how you wanted to eat me instead of the ice cream." somehow, they were incredibly close, their noses almost touching as they were locked in each other's strong, flirtatious, and lovable gaze- if that even makes sense.

mingyu tilted his head to the side so that he could whisper in wonwoo's ear. " and you calling me daddy just makes me want you even more." he left a wet and sensual peck on the lower neck of wonwoo, before going back to his vanilla ice cream.

the sudden confidence that wonwoo had was now gone, and really shows how much of a blushing and whipped mess he was when he was with mingyu.

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