Chapter Fifty

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I woke up and found a black sweatband holding that healing crystal to my forehead. I didn't feel as sore as I did last time I woke up in the infirmary, so I guess that was good.

"Ah, you're awake." Andy was sitting on the cot next to me. She was wearing grey sweatpants and a blue hoodie. And barefoot.

"Yeah," I said and tried to sit up, but my head started pounding so I was forced back down.

"You might want to take it easy. You were stomped on by a giant. You can't just walk that off."

I pointed to my forehead. "Shouldn't this thing heal me?"

"In some ways, yes, but in others no. You had a few broken ribs and the crystal would've healed then yes, but in the wrong direction. We had to set them first and get them to start healing on their own before we would risk putting that thing on you. It only took a few days."

"What?" I asked. I couldn't have heard that right. "I was out for a few days?"

She shrugged. "A week if you want to get technical."

I closed my eyes. After one fight with these guys I was out for a few hours and I was only up against one of them. Up against dozens when they couldn't even see me and I'm out for a week. Why do they think I'm special? I can't do anything.

"It's fine, you didn't miss much. And once you're fully healed, Moira wants to start your training."

I sighed. Even with seeing how much of a complete mess I was, they still wanted me here. I wasn't sure if I should be flattered or upset. On one hand, I was useful. I would be someone who fought against monsters and save people, I guess. It would be a noble profession.

But I would never be able to go home again. I'm right back to where I was when Charlie first took me. Stuck in a cage I could never leave and forced to help. How could I even trust that these were the good guys when my mom ran away from them?


After a few more days, they allowed me to leave the infirmary. They didn't want me even getting up to get a glass of water because I might "disrupt the healing." I got a stern lecture from Ethan about disobeying orders. But it looked like he was happy I was okay. Andy let me know that Jay got away, and that helped me a little. At least one of us was free to live our lives.

I thought it was weird that Vince hadn't come to see me, but Ethan said he was busy dealing with his father.

When I made it back to my own room, I was so happy to finally be able to get up and move again. Kevin was waiting for me on the bed and meowed at me when I came in the door. I missed him so much, he and I cuddled for so long.

"So, you start training tomorrow. How do you think that's going to go?" Andy asked me. She came by to see me after dinner.

"I don't know. I'm really don't know how to feel about all of this," I admitted.

She nodded. "I get it. I always feel out of place when I'm here, too."

I wanted to ask her why people though her having a broken relic made them hate her, but I didn't want to ruin the moment. For now, I just wanted to have a peaceful night with my cat and my friend.

Someone knocked on the door and burst in without asking permission. It was Ethan.

"Come on in why don't you," I said sarcastically. But his face told me he wasn't in the mood for jokes.

"Things are worse than we thought. Meeting, right now. Come on." He had trouble formulating complete sentences and was breathing really heavily.

Andy and I followed him to the conference room where Moira addressed us all about Ellis only two weeks ago. The three of us sat together. I saw Vince sitting up at the front and waved at him, but he looked away too quickly to see it.

Everyone filed in and squished into seats and some had to stand in the back. Eventually, everyone was here and Moira took her place at the front.

"I understand, that you all thought this was over. I did, too. We have Ellis in custody and we thought the threat was neutralized." She took a second to breathe. "However, with our guard down, there was a break-in at the vault last night."

Everyone started whispering with each other. Ethan was shaking his leg and shifting in his seat.

Moira waited patiently for the crowd to quiet, but it really looked like she didn't want to say what she saw about to. "The Moon Rune has been stolen."

The crowd turned silent. No one said a word. No one moved. All that could be heard was the heater warming the room. 

"We do not know who was responsible for the attack. But it appears they were not interested in anything else. We will have more guards placed on the outside of every institute all around the world until we discover who is responsible for this and have them executed. Until then, no one will be allowed to leave except for emergencies. All agents have been called back home.

"This was an act of war. I have no delusions that they will use the Moon Rune to take us out. Until the rune is safely out of their hands, we will kill every nightwalker we lay eyes on."

Everyone erupted in cheers and war cries. Ethan and I were the only ones still in our seats. I'm not sure what he was worried about, but all I was thinking of was Jay. He finally was free and now he would be hunted down and slaughtered.

I ran out of there and back to my room. Maybe while everyone was distracted I could quickly sneak out and run away. There was no way I wanted to be a part of this.

I slipped on my jacket and stuffed a few energy bars in the pockets. While my hand was in there, I felt a small folded piece of paper.

I pulled it out and read it.

Meet me on December 31, at midnight. 

The Rutherford's mansion.

Bring no one. Tell no one. 

I will explain everything.

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