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"Trinity? Wake up. Girl, wake your ass up!"

Trinity groaned, tossing around in her sleep as she got hit with a pillow. Her eyes then shot open as her brain processed the familiar voice calling out to her.

She sat up in Kyra's bed abruptly coming face to face with her.

Trinity sat there wide-eyed and confused. She wiped the sleep out of her eyes to make sure she wasn't going crazy.

"J-Jasmine?" Her voice cracked.

Jasmine chuckled, "Duh bitch, who else would it be?" She smiled.

Trinity blinked repeatedly as tears began to form, "Oh my god, you're alive?"

"What's this I hear about a horse-faced bitch fucking with your medication?" Jasmine got off the bed placing her hands on her hips.

"Am I high?" Trinity said aloud staring at Jasmine.

"Girl, what are we going to do about her? You already know I'm down to beat her ass," Jasmine said matter of factly showing off her arms full of scrunchies.

Trinity laughed in disbelief, "I think I'm finally going crazy."

"Trinity that bitch made your life a living hell! I've seen you at your worst but what she did was un-fucking-acceptable. She needs to rot in jail, there's nothing to think about."

"Jas, I know what she did. It's just a lot to think about right now," She sighed.

"Well I'm thinking about beating her little ass," she shrugged running her fingers through her long wavy hair.

Trinity laughed shaking her head, still deeply confused, "Wait, how did you even get in Kyra's house?"

"Girl, don't worry about that," Jasmine waved her off. "I like Kyra, she's a real ass friend. Who would've thought Chris and Michael's peanut headed ass would make it? I'm so proud of them!"

Trinity laughed nodding, "So am I."

"I see the way, Chris makes you happy. I'm glad you guys worked it out and got together in the end. If you're happy then I'm happy. I can't wait to see you two get married."

Trinity raised her brow, "You think we're gonna get married?"

"Oh, girl I know," Jasmine winked.

"Now wait a damn minute—"

"Anyways!" Jasmine interrupted looking down at her white watch, "I'm running out of time babe. I have somewhere to be, but I'll see you soon okay?"

"Wait! Where are you going?"

She put her hands on her hips "Girl, where do you think?" She chuckled lightly walking towards the bedroom door. "I love you, okay? Stay safe, baby girl."

"Jasmine, wait!" Trinity called out scrambling to her feet, "When will I see you again?"

She was too late.

She fell to her knees and whimpered "I love you too, Jas," She whispered.

Trinity's eyes fluttered open to Chris focusing his eyes on the road while humming one of the songs to his unreleased Indigo album.

He has a loose grip on the steering wheel while his right-hand caresses her thigh.

"You okay, babe?" Chris asked taking his eyes off the road quickly to look at her.

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