Chapter 140: Torn

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“I am not a baby, stop fussing over me like I’m a human!” Harry growled when Jonah tried to feed Harry a warm cup of human blood.

Little over a month ago, Lord Harry Styles was notorious and one of the most powerful men alive, and now, he was chained up as a hostage in the deepest and darkest part of Zayn’s dungeon. Harry hated how things had changed, but he did not regret anything that he had done. And his lack of remorse was beginning to show in the way he treated his former friends and Zayn’s minions who had unwavering loyalty. Aka Jonah.

Harry didn’t look himself. He looked weak and frail. His cheeks were unhealthily prominent, and this worried Jonah. Harry Styles, the charmer. Harry Styles was the man who could make a girl wet with just one taunting smirk. Now look at him. His former glory were fading, and all because of one troublesome girl.

Jonah’s eyes glanced over Harry’s wounds, festered and refusing to heal due to the high concentration of Dreyan water Zayn had been ordering the guards to feed Harry. Jonah looked down at the little vile of black liquid that stood upright on the stone ground of the cell. It wasn’t much, half a mouthful worth of liquid.

Jonah didn’t know where the Dreyan water was from, how it was formed, and where on Earth Zayn was getting it. All Jonah knew was that he hated the stuff. It was deadly to vampires—even more deadly than a stake to the heart even. It counter acted with the magic in their blood that made them vampires. It was toxic even to somebody as ancient as Jonah himself, and even more to somebody like Harry—who was not even half Jonah’s age.

Zayn had instructed Jonah to feed that poisonous stuff to Harry. Sure, it was diluted. Jonah was sure Zayn wouldn’t kill Harry, and Harry had more value to Zayn alive than dead. But Jonah still couldn’t bring himself to force fed his friend something to venomous.

The instruction was one tiny vile of Dreyan water every morning. Jonah was there the first time a guard enforced some of that destructive liquid down Harry’s throat. Jonah had heard Harry’s shrieks of absolute misery, and witnessed how Harry’s body struggled like a flopping fish inside the confinement of his chains. Jonah remembered the way gross froth of moss green and black bubbled out of his mouth, and the way his wounds suddenly inflamed with blisters and irritating looking festers of infection.

Jonah had witnessed his best friend withering in the pain of Dreyan Water, and that was one too many times for Jonah. So, he took over the job of feeding Harry the poison. If Jonah were anybody else, those guards would have refused out of fear. They would have been doomed if Zayn were ever to find out how his guard were not devoted and obeying his orders like mindless lapdogs. But this was Jonah Malik.

Zayn was much more powerful than Jonah was, yes. But to disobey Jonah meant immediate punishments. To disobey Zayn meant there a glimmer of chance of escaping a treacherous death. In the end, they decided an unlikely twinkle of hope was worth more than no hope at all. And so, they did what they were told and allowed Jonah to feed Harry the venomous substance of torture.

“Just drink the blood, will you?” Jonah hissed. His patience with Harry was wearing thin. “You stupid mutt, this is good for you, that Dreyan water is bad for you. I’m risking my life to help you here Harry, don’t be an idiot!”

“Go away!” Harry screamed. He tried to struggle and rattle his chains, but his body was too weak to do so. He hated having Jonah—anyone in fact—seeing him this way. “Just go. I’m fine. I don’t need you. Go protect Evelyn. I don’t know what Zayn—” Harry was interrupted.

“Evelyn? You stupid son of bitch, haven’t you stopped and realised what kind of position you are in right now? Mate, you are in no position to protect that little human whore! Just shut up and drink the god damn blood will you?” Jonah was yelling. “Fυcking sod, why do I even bother helping you? All you do is throw everything back in my face! I should just make you drink the poison and leave. God damn it, Harry, you used to be such a smart little boy!”

“I’m in no mood to relive the past Jo, just leave me suffer in my own presence.”

Jonah completely ignored Harry. “Don’t you remember how much you worshiped Zayn when he first took you in? You were so bright, intelligent, and adorable. Zayn loved you, Marcus loved you, I loved you, everybody loved you Harry! We treated you like a son! Zayn had so much hope for you! Don’t you remember how much he used to dot you? The undeserved amount of special treatments he had given you, Harry! He had always seen you like a son! He loves you so fυcking much man, how could you turn around and bite the hand that fed you?”

“What he’s doing is wrong!”

“Oh give me a break from your fake justice, Styles! So Zayn does bad things, so what? Don’t forget how he saved this fυcking planet from becoming a god damn waste ground! He is the reason the Earth isn’t a radioactive wasteland! He is the reason the humans are still alive! That bitch Evelyn should be grateful she gets to suck Zayn off. He’s the reason she was born, and all of her family are alive! For every bad thing Zayn had done, he had done a million good things! So don’t for a moment pretend that he had never done good. He saved your life, didn’t he Harry, didn’t he?”

“I don’t want to speak to you Jonah,” Harry grumbled. His eyes casted downwards and gazed numbly at the stone tiles.

“You know Zayn is a good man, he’s just hardened by life. He’s been through so much Harry. Zayn deserves a piece of happiness, don’t you think? I know Evelyn is a little bitch, but Zayn loves her, so much! Can’t you see how much she means to him, Harry? She is his world! She is everything to him Harry! Yes, he had hurt her in the past, and he had made some horrendously bad decisions, but he meant well! He had tried to stay away from her, but he couldn’t!”

“Leave!” Harry yelled. His clear green eyes were beginning to water. He hated being reminded by Jonah how much Zayn needed Evelyn. Guilt was boiling at the pit of his stomach. He badly wanted to stand firm on the side of the battlefield that opposed Zayn, but his conscience couldn’t help but waver towards Zayn. Deep down, Harry still saw Zayn as the man who saved him from the streets and raised him with love and care.

“Zayn had spent so many years in misery, Harry. You know this. I know you’ve fallen for her as well. But mate, for the sake of the man who saved your life, give her up! She will never be yours! Don’t pursue her. Don’t you know how much it will hurt Zayn if anything ever happened between you and Evelyn? He loves her too much, Harry. He can’t lose her. He can’t go back to drowning his sorrow and loneliness in alcohol, strange women, and bloodbaths. She is his only shot as happiness. To Zayn, Evelyn isn’t just a pretty face. She’s his whole world! He can’t lose her Harry… he really can’t. It will kill him.”

Harry’s face hung low. He wouldn’t meet Jonah’s eyes, but Jonah could smell the fresh sent of tear in the air.

Harry bit his bottom lip in an attempt to keep it from trembling.

Jonah watched the sight before him with sorrow filled eyes. He hated how much pain both Harry and Zayn were in. And he could only predict how much pain Marcus would be in when he comes back from Australia and finds his wife impregnated by another man.

Not for the first time in his life, Jonah was thankful that he had never been in love. He hoped he’ll never experience the torture that was love.

What good is love? It just causes trouble and pain, he thought silently as he walked out from Harry’s cell. Jonah hoped that his words would drill themselves into Harry’s thick skull and make the boy see some light.

All Jonah wanted was for things to go back to the way they were.


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