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"When can we try to find our parents" Jalen asked annoyed as he sat at a table in a hotel room. "When the time is write " I said before taking a bite out of a ham and cheese sandwich. "It's been six months " he said lying down on the bed next to mine. "Fine we will go look tomorrow' I said actually wanting to see my family after being on my own with just my brother  after so long. I have to go to work I'll see you at about midnight I said grabbing my coat and walking to the door. "If anything happens dont be afraid to use your powers" I said to jalen feeling as if something bad was gonna happen. "OK you to get back and forth safely" Jalen said while creating a ball of water in the air and making it into different shapes. I walked down the stairs of the building before running across the street into lowes. I clocked in at six thirty. "Hey rick" a fimiliar voice said. I turned to see Casey standing infront of me with a wide smile. "Hey Case" I said while giving her a big hug. "What are you doing here" I sadi while putting on my vest. "Its about our parents" Casey said with a serious tone. I froze wondering what she meant. "Go to the hotel across the street, my room number is 213 Jalen is in there" I said walking away. Now im just in the storage room cleaning the dust and saw wood off the floor with my power. "Hey Ricky " I heard my co worker say behind me.  I forze, the dust from the floor was now floating in the air in the shape of a box. "UHMM hi Andy" I said looking around the room. "What are you doing back here" Andy asked. Uhm just some cleaning" I said honestly. "Why dont you have any cleaning supplies" he asked again. 

"Because Andy some people are to awesome for your earthly cleaning supplies" I said with a small smile on my face. Andy laughed the cutest laugh I heard from anyone in a long time. I looked around the room and seen a trash can. I took my left hand and twitched my fingers making the trash can tip over. "Hey will you pick that up for me please" I asked nicely. He turned and walked to to the trash can and started to pick up the trash around it. I quickly shot the block of dirt out of a near by window. "Thanx for doing that for me but I'm on my break now I said while walking out the door of the storage room and then the store. "I started sprinting before I felt my feet stop touching the ground I then flew to the hotel across the street as fast as I could. I landed softly on the ground next to the building. I then ran up the stairs and knocked on the door. No one opened the door so I unlocked it with my power and walked inside. When I walked in there were four people sitting in the room Jalen, Casey and two people I didnt know. "Who are you people" I said taking off my vest and shoes and sitting next to Jalen. "This is Kate and Alex, our parents" Casey said. "What do you mean our, me and Jalen are brothers and you are -" your sister the man said, you are tripplets " The man said. "Okay if we are tripplets that has nothing to do with what we three are thinkin, why didnt you come find us." I said. "We were told if we looked for you we would be killed. Kate said. "What do you want us to do now" Jalen asked. "We would like for you to come back And live with us.

This is the last chapter of this story. sorry the storry was was soooo short I am writting another one and I will eventually write a part two to this.

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