Stiles Misses His Mother

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"Pack meeting at 5. Don't be late," Scott told me as we were in economics. I sigh and nodded. I haven't seen my mother and sisters in a while. To be honest I miss them, not that I would ever tell them that. See my father is Zeus, the god of lightning and whatnot. But Artemis, goddess of the hunt, adopted me when I was like 4 after my birth mother died from a hellhound. I still lived with my dad, but I was also raised by my mother and many overprotective sisters. Allison included. Allison is the daughter of Apollo. She is powerful and I call her crazy. I grew up with her and her parents. My dad doesn't know much about the demigod world, only the stuff he needs to know to protect me.

"Got it," I said. I tried to read the board but ultimately gave up. Thanks, ADHD and dyslexia.

I haven't seen Ally since she supposedly died when the Nogitsune killed her. He didn't. It was the mist covering up for her leaving to go back to the hunt. To be honest, I miss her. Not the overprotectiveness of her being my sister along with the rest of them. But miss them nonetheless. Not like I'd tell them to their faces. 


3d Person POV

Stiles ran through the forest as he wanted to get away from that thing that killed his mother. A monster came out at them on their nightly walk and killed his mother. He kept on running until he ran into a group of girls with bows and arrows which were pointed to the monster, a hellhound, that was chasing him.  

Once they killed the beast a twelve-year-old girl with auburn hair came up to the scared four-year-old boy that hid behind a tree as they fought. The girl looked as if she was their leader. 

"What are you doing here, boy?" the girl spat at him, he flinched slightly. 

"I-I w-was r-running fr-from t-that mo-monster," the little Stiles stuttered out still scared from what happened as he saw his mother be killed. "T-they ki-killed my m-mama."  The boy burst into tears once more. The girl with auburn hair came forward and hugged the little Stiles as he cried. 

"Milady, what are you going to do? He is male," a girl pointed out. 

"I know, but he has lost his mother. And judging by his eyes, his father is Zeus. We can make him a better male. One who's humble and kind. One who is not like the others," the auburn hair girl told them. "What do you think?" 

The girls took a moment to talk and think about it with one another. "Alright, fine. He can stay." 

The auburn girl smiled and pulled apart from the mourning boy and asked him, "do you know who I am?" Something clicked in the little Stiles mind, his tears had subsided a bit as he thought for a moment. 

"Y-your A-rte-temis," the boy stuttered, trying to get the name right. "goddess of the hunt." 

"Yes my child. I know I could never replace your mother, but I wish to adopt you. Would you let me try?" she asked him. The boy nodded and ran to hug her, which she gladly accepted. The rest of the girls joined in. Over time they grew closer and became a family. Stiles would still go with them most of the time while still being able to stay and live with his father.  He's met, Percy and Thalia. Zoe became a mother hen to him, but he loved his big family nonetheless. 

FlashBack Over 


Hey guys, I adopted this story off of @leekane12. This chapter belongs to them and I hope you enjoy!

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