Chap. 2

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I sat on the ground and watched as they all bickered over how they were going to get the map to reveal itself. Emma, being a good person, said that she instead got up and met Peter instead of me just so that I wouldn't get in trouble again. That was the thing about Emma, she was always helping people.

I watched as Emma tried to reveal details about herself that might get the map to open. Regina wanted to use magic but my dad thought that that was a bad idea.

It took them about ten minutes in total before everyone got irritated and let Regina use her magic to find Peter. So, we were on our way to find him. I was sort of hoping it was going to be a longer process just so that I didn't have to see him again so soon, but I was also relieved because this may be how we find Henry.

We trekked through the forest with the map leading the way. Little conversation was made as we ventured deeper into the forest. It took around ten minutes but finally, the map led us to a small opening.

"No one's here," Mary said. "Maybe your spell was wrong, Regina."

"Yes, blame me. Again," Regina scoffed.

We looked around, checking out the place.

"Guys, hold on," Emma said. I looked at her, confused. "Is that...? HENRY!"

We all quickened our pace after Emma and looked where she was looking. Henry was there, right in front of us. He turned around and... it wasn't Henry at all. It was Peter.

"Hi, Emma," Peter greeted her. "Y/n." He winked. I rolled my eyes. I felt my dad put his hand on my shoulder.

"Where the hell is Henry?" Emma asked in a panicked tone.

I tried moving up to where Emma was in the front but my dad held me back.

"You broke the rules. That's not fair, bad form. I did expect more from you, captain," Peter said.

"Aye, and you'll get it," my dad said.

"Give Henry to me," Emma said.

"Sorry, can't," Peter started. "Don't you know? Cheaters never win."

Then, the Lost Boys all came out of the shadows. They surrounded us. Some of them had bow and arrows, others had sticks or torches. My group started to pull out any weapons they had.

"Watch out for their arrows, they're laced with dreamshade," my dad said. And then he whispered to me. "Hide, all you've got is a dagger and that's not enough."

"But-" I tried to say.

"Don't argue with me," he said sternly. I sighed and ran off to find a place to hide.

Just as I had left, the fight had begun. I watched as best I could from my spot, everyone was battling each other. The blood rushed through my ears and my heart pounded in my chest as I started to panic. I couldn't see everything that was happening and that worried me. I didn't know if anyone was getting hurt or not. Then, as quickly as it had started, it ended.

"Remember, Emma, that map will show where Henry truly is, only when you stop denying who you really are. I'll make sure to send Henry regards," Peter said.

I saw the Lost Boys and Peter run off so I was about to come out of my hiding spot when I saw sparkles and fell into a sleeping state.


"What the hell?" Was the first thing I said when I woke up.

"Hello, darling," a voice said. I turned my head to the side to see Peter sitting next to me.

"Where am I?" I asked.

"My hut, of course. Did you think I was going to make you stay outside?" He said.

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