Chap. 1

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The boat rocked back and forth as pitch black waves splashed against it. Right now, with no place to run, I was faced by five very angry adults. It would've been six, but Rumple had left us some time ago, already on the land. I sheepishly looked at them.

"I can't believe- and I told you to stay back in Storybrooke! And yet, what did you do? You stowawayed on my ship!" My dad yelled. I gave a soft smile.

"Listen, dad, I'm-" I tried to say.

"No, no excuses. We're already almost there so there's no turning back now," he said. "Bloody hell."

I looked down, waiting for more yelling but none of that came. Instead, a gentle voice spoke.

"Why?" Mary asked me. I shrugged.

"Why not? Henry's like a little brother to me. I want to help save him as much as you do," I said.

"You could get seriously hurt," Emma chimed in.

"I know," I uttered. "But it'll be worth it if we can get him back, right?"

They all shared glances with each other.

"Just stay close to us when we get on the land," David said.

"I will," I said.

The rest of the short trip was spent in silence. I could tell they were getting tense, for as was I. Only my dad knew what to expect of this place. He had told me the story, of course. The story of him and his brother.

I can understand why he's so angry with me. He didn't want me to end up with the same fate as his brother. It's a tragic story, to say the least, but I'll be just fine. I know I will.

My head rested on the ledge of the boat, overlooking the dark water. Every once in a while, I would see a dolphin swim by, which made me smile. I feared these waters and never understood how my dad could be a pirate. Especially not after the mermaid incident. And I was below deck, hiding, for that! I couldn't deny that the water was beautiful, however.

"We're here," my dad announced. I practically jumped to my feet. "Whoa, slow down there, lass. You'll be the last one off the ship."

I rolled my eyes but obeyed. I waited for everyone to get off before I could and as soon as my feet touched the soil, I sighed in content. Now this is what I prefer.

I looked up at the sky in pure happiness as we walked. There were so many stars. I was able to see the many constellations sketched into the sky.

We walked for about twenty minutes before we decided to stop. We were at a cliff that overlooked a jungle. My dad decided we must go around it but said we should sleep first.

"You want to sleep when my son is out there suffering?" Regina said.

"If we want to live long enough to save the boy... yes," my dad said.

We then went to find a place to rest for the night. We set up camp not far from the cliff and I waited until everyone was asleep. Slowly, I get out from under the blanket and go out to explore the woods. I didn't go that far, just about 20 feet away from the campground.

The forest was beautiful, to say the least. The trees were filled with vibrant green leaves that somehow shone in the starlight. The moon was full, giving the ground a soft glow. I could hear the gentle sounds of the crickets all around me. I reveled in the forest's beauty. I felt like I never wanted to leave. It was truly amazing.

That is, until someone came up behind me and wrapped one of their arms around my chest and one of their hands covered my mouth. I tried breaking out of their grasp but it wasn't working. I huffed and just stopped squirming.

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