(S1/Extra) Chapter 14: The Black Dragon? Part (2/2)

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3rd P.O.V.

Flying Dutchman: You're not going anywhere!




The Dutchman continues to fire shots at Myne and Motoyasu, who hadn't begun fighting as they tried to save Crona but instead they dodged shots and run away from the Dutchman. Breaking the door in the process as the floors were filled with bullet holes.

Flying Dutchman: Running away won't do you any good. Hahaha!

The Flying Dutchman began phasing through the floors while he chuckled. Knowing full well they had no place to hide.

Motoyasu: 'Where could Crona be!? Where could we go to find him and see if he's okay!?'

Myne: Follow me Motoyasu!

Myne said as she signaled Motoyasu to follow her as She had tricked him to the exit that led them to the Main Deck of the ship.

Myne: 'Screw the little Twerp! Once we are out of here, We're going to destroy the ship with the kid in it and Make our way out!'

While they were lost in their thoughts, The path was blocked by a gunshot hitting the Floor making the floor Make a gap.

The Flying Dutchman was hovering from the ceiling above while pointing his gun at them.

Flying Dutchman: *Chuckles* Hahaha! What's the Matter, Boy?

He taunted them some more.

Flying Dutchman: Shouldn't You Adamantite Adventurers have more than this?

Myne: You haven't seen what I could do just yet! Wait until Motoyasu and I bring this pathetic ship down!

Flying Dutchman: Then Why Not show me something you frightened Little girl?! I worship a Being that is your Enemy and I steal the souls of Innocent people as an Offering to the Kishin!

Motoyasu: Did you ever consider how you had affected those families who lost their loved ones!?

Flying Dutchman: Who cares about what the others think? Don't think for a second that all humans feel the same way you do?

Motoyasu: I don't care if they do or not! I'm going to keep fighting until this world is the way it should be! It should be safe for everyone without fear of being in the way!

Flying Dutchman: Grrr! Really?! Even if that means taking away freedom? It doesn't even matter since this world is doomed already!

Myne: Disgusting! We are adventurers! We refuse to grant the freedom to kill!

???: Come. This. way.

Motoyasu: Huh?

???: Come. This. Way.

Motoyasu started seeing a faint glow near him, He saw a light shine upwards through the roof where they were.

Myne: What is it Motoyasu?

Motoyasu: Hold onto me!

Myne: Huh? Okay.

Myne then Grabbed onto Motoyasu's chest as she wrapped her arms around him, He pointed his spear at the ceiling before shouting.

Motoyasu: [Shooting Star Spear]!

The spear began to glow as it then splits into hundreds of energy spears hitting the ceiling causing it to burst into pieces.

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