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Thanks for reading "Year of the Chick." I hope you enjoyed the story and the setting, and if you love romantic comedies, I've got more!

To summarize, I've had more time to write lately, so I've decided to adapt the screenplay I just finished into a book, so that I can post it on Wattpad as a way to share it with you all! It's a romantic comedy set in Paris called "Missing In Paris" and it's a lot of fun; so are you ready? :-)

Here's what it's about: "She's an expat living in Paris, she meets a fascinating man, but the brief encounter is over when she loses him in the chaos of the underground métro. 

That's what happens to Neela, but hey, maybe it's fine that he's gone, because she's already in a relationship with a perfect-on-paper Frenchman who's the key to a stable future. The problem is, he's more of a ticket to permanent residency in France, than a ticket to everlasting love. 

So what's a girl to do? Giving up on something comfortable and secure isn't exactly easy for a foreigner in France, but it also isn't easy to forget about a mystery man who left a mark..."

[This story is your passport into the streets of Paris, complete with wine, beautiful scenery, and the possibilities for romantic disasters around every corner; I hope you enjoy it!]

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