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Rosita goes into the gas station. "Ashtray, where's Fez."

Ashtray poked his head out. "Inside."

Rosita ran inside.

"FEZ!" She smiled a little, missing the boy.

"Yo Rosita, you look good today but I need you to leave." She sees Fez rushing around his house, getting bags of money and drugs.

"Um, okay?" Rosita stares at him one more time and before she leaves, Rue busted through the door.

"You cant be here right now Rue." Fez stares at the driven girl. Rosita decides to stay to enjoy the show.

"I see you, cash money."

"Nah, nah"

"I just need some few OC's and some socks" Rue heads to Fez room then quickly gets out, jumping herself on his couch. Rosita joins the girl on the opposite couch.

"I can't help you right now. You gotta go."

Rue didn't seem to buge. "Yo, for real, both of you. I ain't fuckin' playing with you." Fezco frantically tried to get them to leave.

"Rue, I think we should g-."

Before Rosita got to finish her sentence Ashtray interrupted, "They're here."

Fez took a huge sigh, "Look, I'm serious Rue."

"You too stay right there, keep your mouth shut, and play it cool," he said as he put his gun in the couch next to Rosita.

"These dudes ain't fucking around."

Now, I'm not gonna lie. That's when
I started to get a little scared. I mean, I'm all good with drugs until guns start coming out. Rosita looked terrified, I felt terrible for not leaving with her. I never ever forgive myself for what happened that day.

Two older men walked inside the living room. One of them was kinda a scrawny little 2013 Justin Bieber impersonation and the bigger guy has tattoos covered most of his face. "He is definitely the boss," Rose thought out.

"So these are your bitches?" the "boss man" said.

"Nah, bruh, they like my little sisters."

"Well, hello, there little sisters. My name is Mouse, a pleasure to meet you" He gave Rue as kiss on her hand and winked at Rosita.

Now, when Fez said his dudes were coming over, I didn't think his dude would be this dude.

After that Mouse and Fez started talking drug talk and Rosita completely blanked out thinking, why the fuck didn't she just leave Rue.

"Sure you don't want Fentanyl," Mouse looked at Fez.

"Nah, man I'm cool off that shit. Too much OD's and I don't want the heat." Fez stated at the man.

Mouse walked up to Rosita "How about you little sis, ever tried Fentanyl." Rosita was to scared to talked but nodded her head fast saying no.

"What about you." Mouse pointed at Rue.


"No, she's good, bruh," Fezco quickly stated.

"Shut the fuck up, bitch. Ain't nobody talkin' to you." Rosita was startled from his approach.

Mouse held up the drop of Fentanyl to Rue and she took it.

Dear God, I know I've been a cunt for, like, a lot of my life, and my family and I am so, so, so sorry, but...just please, God, I'm begging you, do not let me die tonight.

"It feels good doesn't it," Mouse rubbed Rue legs. Rosita felt disgusted by the way he is touching her without her knowing.

Rue complete out of it nods and smiles

"It's gonna cost you 300."

"Yo man, I'll pay for it," Fez said as he looks at Rue

"If she can't afford it, maybe you gonna have to find another way of paying me." Mouse looked at Rosita in a creepy way talking about her. Rose internally puked when she figured out what he meant.

"Nah man, Rosie is off limits, lemme pay I got the money right here."

"Dang, make that 600 bucks." Mouse said as he got up.

Fezco sighed then he gave it to him.

Mouse and his minion walked out of the door. "Pleasure doing business with you."

After they left, Rosita ran to Rue with tears in her eyes. "Rue, please be okay."

"I'm so happy."

"Yeah, I know you are." Fez replied.

Fezco threw his couch pillow on the ground and picked up his phone. "Come over, I need help with Rue."



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