Chapter 11

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"We'll be there prez calm down. I'll have her home in no time".

Fluttering my eyes open they connected with Blaze. Shaking my head I stretched before standing up.

"Get her fucking back here. Stop time wasting Blaze".

Hearing my father roar through the phone I huffed folding my arms across my chest "He's got some nerve" I spat not caring if he heard me.

"Got it" Blaze said snapping his phone shut. "We need to leave Ava, now". Making his way towards me I frowned "I can't leave until I speak to the board at the hospital. My career comes first Blaze. Franko can wait". I said

"Did you not just hear what your dad said? We're leaving at noon no later. Get your shit sorted out Ava".

"What happened to not being scared of my dad?" I smirked "If you want to leave feel free to do so. I'll not be ready by noon and I have to set up a meeting could take days maybe even weeks".

Watching the glare fall onto his face I knew he was getting pissed off "I don't give a shit what you have to do sweetheart. Be ready for noon".

"I said I..-" Hearing my pager go off from the kitchen I cursed remembering I should be on shift. With everything that went on last night I completely forgot.

"I have to go to work" I mumbled quickly walking to the kitchen and grabbing my pager. Looking at it it fell from my hands as they automatically went to my mouth.

"Ava?" Blaze said grabbing my shaking hands away from my mouth.

"He- he .. my pager" I stuttered.

I thought he was dead. I thought Tommy and Jared would have killed him not let him walk free.

As Blaze let go of my hands I took a seat at the table. Why was he taunting me? Hadn't he done enough last night.

"Fuck" Blaze snapped. Bending down infront of me he grabbed both my hands and made me look at him "He's not going to hurt you but I do need you to get your stuff ready so we can leave. I know you're worried about your job but baby I can't fight them all on my own".

Pulling my bottom lip between my teeth I pushed Blazes hands away and stood up. "He can't get away with doing this to me. He deserves to pay Blaze. I didn't deserve what he was going to do to me". I croaked my voice braking as my tears broke through.

"I know darlin' I'll sort it I promise" He whispered placing a kiss on the top of my head.

Standing outside at my front door I glanced around the neighborhood. Was this the last time I would be here? Would my mom sell the house?

"You ready sweetheart?" Came Blazes voice from behind me.

I didn't want to leave my home. I didn't want my life to change. I knew it would as soon as we got to New York. "Don't think I'll ever be ready" I said turning so I could lock the door.

In all honesty I was afraid to go back there. The girls were horrible. I didn't want to get dragged into my dad's business. I knew he had a lot of rivals and I knew once they got wind of me I wouldn't be the most likeable person around.

"I need to drop by the hospital and hand in my notice".

Did I want to do that? No I didn't but I didn't have a choice. Getting a transfer would take to long and my dad was already pissed that we hadn't left yet. Surely I'll get a job in New York?

"You don't have to do that sweetheart. I know this is your life Ava. Won't they just transfer you?" Blaze asked as he opened the passenger door for me.

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