Chapter 1 - Soon

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Bella Morgan

I walked out to the balcony with my glass of wine and I can't help but to get so excited for today. I took a knife out from my pocket and smirked looking at it.

"Happy Birthday to you, Bella." I said to myself and I sipped on my wine. I felt the cold breeze hitting on my skin and it felt so good to begin my 25th birthday.

I walked back into my apartment without closing my balcony door. I threw my knife to the kitchen table and put my glass of wine beside it. I took my iPad with me to my room and I put on my black tanktop, black jeans and black leather jacket.

I looked at myself on the mirror and I can't help but laugh seeing myself on the mirror. I took my helmet and my leather gloves with me. I walked out from my room and went straight to the basement.

I took out my motor bike and smiled happily looking at it

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I took out my motor bike and smiled happily looking at it. I put my helmet and started to drive it out from my mansion. I drove towards the beach because in a fee minutes, the sun will rise and I want to see my last sunrise before having my revenge later on at night.

As soon as I arrived at the beach, I got off my motor bike. I took off my helmet and sat down on the sand feeling the cold sea breeze. I closed my eyes and tears started to come out from my eyes remembering why I'm starting my revenge today.

I got up and opened up the seat cushion of my motor bike. I looked at the small brown envelope and took it out. I walked slowly towards the water and closed my eyes praying for my sanity to go for the revenge.

I put the envelope to the water letting the waves do it's job. I wiped my tears and before taking a few steps back. I saw the sun starting to show making the sky have a beautiful orange strike on it.

"I'm ready." I said it to myself even though I'm a little bit scared but I can't back off. I walked back towards my motor bike and got on it. I looked at the beautiful sunrise once again and smiled.

"Mom, dad.. and Damian, this is for you all." I said and I rode my motor bike back to my big mansion. As soon as I got back, I walked into my bathroom and looked at myself in the mirror.

"Good morning, Ms. Morgan." I heard my secretary, Daisy, walking into my room.

"Do you have everything that I want for today?" I asked as I turned my head to her.

"Yes, we already prepared everything." She said as she walked closer to me. She gave me my iPad showing me my schedule for today.

"Do you want breakfast, Ms. Morgan?"

"No, but I want you to take my black lambo to Wilson. I wanted a new style for my car." I said and Daisy smiled nodding.

"Anything else?"

"I want you to check my penthouse and make sure to move that.." I pointed at 2 big boxes in front of my bed, "by afternoon."

"Very well, Ms. Morgan." She said and I gestured her to go. I took a shower and started to get ready for work. I changed into my work attire and drove myself to work.

My phone rang just in time I arrived at my office and it's Wilson. I smirked looking at his name on the screen.

"Are seriously giving me the lambo? I told you it's better for me to modify the porsche one." He whined and I rolled my eyes.

"I don't need your opinion, just do what I told you yesterday." I hissed coldly.

"Fine, I will finish it in 2 days." He said and I ended the call. Daisy led me to my meeting immediately and I can't help but getting excited for tonight. I'm a little nervous but I'm ready.

"Ms. Morgan, Mr. Reyes want to see you." I smiled when I heard that last name. I gestured her to let him in and I opened the drawer to see my beautiful knife is ready but I need to be patient.

"Ms. Morgan, how are you?" I closed the drawer and walked towards the old man greeting him politely.

"Good, Mr. Reyes. How about you?" I asked as I led him to sit down on the sofa.

"Great and shall we talk about our project?" He asked as he gestured his secretary to bring him the contracts. I turned to Daisy to leave us alone.

"Are you coming tonight, Mr. Reyes?" I asked as I grabbed the contract from his secretary. I opened it and started to read it one by one.

"I hope so but my son will come. I should tell him to introduce himself to you." I smirked knowing it. I've been targeting his son to start my revenge.

"What's his name again? Sorry, I'm bad with names." I put down the contract and smiled at him even though I want to kill him so bad right here right now since he's in my lair.

"Alan." He chuckled.

"Right." I said as I looked at the contract again.

"You two should hangout." He said and of course he wanted me to hangout with his son. He saw me as a great prey to spread his wings.

"So.. Mr. Reyes, I have another meeting waiting in 20 minutes. I don't think I can read your contract now but I will make sure to reach out for you tomorrow." I said.

"Very well, that won't be a problem. We should have lunch sometimes." He said as he got up and I got up from the sofa too.

"That would be great." I smiled widely at him and he nodded. He walked out from the office and I ripped his contract into small pieces right away.

"You're going to die in my hands soon."

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