Chapter 12

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Ember glanced at the large clock on the train station wall for the fourth time, cringing as it hasn't moved. She glanced around the desolate station waiting for the next train to arrive.

In a state of panic, she bought a ticket to the first place she saw on the sign, anywhere is better than where she currently is. They'd managed to find her, and she needed to flee before she gets caught again. She slouched back in the uncomfortable plastic chairs before reaching for a book in her backpack in hopes that reading will distract her mind from reeling once again.


Hazel winced as she plopped down on her bed, the aching pain in her ribs restricting her oxygen for a second. She glanced up at her hovering brother, gazing down at her with concern flashing in his eyes.

"It's just a bit of pain." She replied, gently moving further onto the bed. "Nothing I can't handle."

"I still don't know what you were doing in those woods anyway." He spoke angrily crossing his arms over his chest.

"Please don't start, Jared." She groaned from his incessant interrogations. "I'm tired and I want to sleep."

He could sense the frustration in her tone and angrily stormed out of her room, slamming the door abruptly causing her to jump at the unexpected noise.

She glanced at her nightstand and carefully reached for her phone, wincing as she stretched too far, clutching her aching ribs. She took a few steady breaths before attempting, silently cheering as she grasped the device firmly. She scrolled through the various texts she'd sent Shaun but none of them received any responses. She sighed as worry crept through her, worry that he had done something to harm himself or someone had succeeded in harming him. She understood his need to grieve, but his careless behavior is provoking fear in everyone.

No one understanding what truly took place the day of Carmen's death, everyone still trying to come to terms with the fact that it had all been real, Hazel's scar a permanent reminder that it had all been real.

A knock on the door pulled her out of her daydream. She yelled for the person to enter, instantly feeling a sense of comfort as Isabelle walked in, making Hazel truly grateful for the company to take her mind off all her traumatic thoughts.

"How are you feeling?" Isabelle questioned carefully sitting next to her on the bed being careful not to inflict any more pain to her friend.

"I've been better." She stated with as much of a smile as she could muster.

Isabelle glanced at the phone carelessly tossed to the side of the bed and offered her friend a sympathetic smile.

"Still nothing from Shaun?"

Hazel shook her head with a sigh.

"I can't blame him, his girlfriend just died." She uttered glancing down at her clasped hands.

"You still never explained what happened." Isabelle words caused Hazel's heart to pound against her ribs.

"We don't know ourselves." She lied. "We were wondering the woods looking for her and found her body."

She hated the thought of having to lie to the only person to ever welcome her into this mundane town, but she knows it's for the best, it's vital that Isabelle knows as little as possible.

Isabelle's phone beeped and as she glanced down to read the text her face turned ghostly white.

"Is everything alright?" Hazel questioned in concern, but she received no reply. "Isabelle."

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