Meeting "Others"

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Well on the last Chapter Y/n Finally Reveled that He is a Kamen rider in the open now how Will

He Do with it now that he has power that none of seen........................ Stay Tune.


None Pov:

Silence is what you could hear around the field as many where shocked as Y/n know to have been Cheated on or heartbroken by so many girls that same guy henshin into a kamen rider that was everyone dreams since childhood Now lets see what y/n reaction to this 

Y/n: *shaking in excitement* It Worked if finally worked now i can show them who the alpha here hmm?

Y/n turned his head and heard footsteps coming towards him and low and behold its the Kamen rider Princesses of school and the look on their faces had shock lets see how this go down.

Y/n: *Turns around* Well hello Princesses *mocking bow* How may i help you

Kiva: H-How are you able to henshin i thought only our mothers and aunts were able to

Y/N: Well to answer you question that is....................................

The girls brace themselves for the information and the Truth

Y/n: None of your business *starts walking away*

Kabuto: Hey Wait you still haven't answered our questions yet

Y/n Just ignored them and kept walking until he heard the bell for lunch 


Y/n: *yelling* Better hurry to the courtyard we are have a special lunch were eating with every fraction today Its gonna BE FUN Hahahahahah 

Y/n Says before laughing and disappearing  from sight and it pans back to the girls

Kuuga: Should we tell him he still transformed 

Faiz: Nah Let him figure it himself 

W: Alright then lets head there Ourselfs 

All of them head there themselves and let me tell you this lunch is going to be very *SPECIAL*


Y/n Then walks to the courtyard and sees a fuck ton of people eating and laughing and the he spots someone and smirks as he walks towards them

Y/n: Man i can't wait to see her reaction when she sees me my pupil......Buuuuuut the stares are getting a little uncomfortable but ignoring that *starts walking to Special person*

Y/n Started walking *still in his Henshin form Btw* And almost everyone attention was on him Silent some whispers and mummers were heard but nothing to impotent everyone just wanted to know who was the mysterious person 

Y/n: This i gonna be good

Y/n then walks to the table and everyone is looking at him as he taps the shoulder of the person and turns around to face him

???: Umm Can i help you do i know you 

Y/n: Aww really you can't recognized your friends voice *puts hand on heart* Thats hurts

???: *Eyes Widen and Yells* Y/N IS THAT REALLY YOU

Everyone Eyes Widen after hearing that information and some girls to heard it were even more shocked

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