Chapter Five: Come Inside, It's Cold Out Here

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Without much thought put into her moves, Deva took her katana and went for another impalement, taking the virus infected guest down from the spine. That should've stopped his/her mobility completely, but no, it merely stopped them from chasing the others and to turn on her, taking the katana - still buried in his back - with him. "DIE!" it yelled in a high pitch, distorted voice that sounded no where near as human as it should've been.

Deva dodged his lunge, so that he flew right over her body and landed on his stomach a few feet away from her. She went for him, dislodging her katana from his back and then landing a blow on his throat, slicing it open and finally killing him. This isn't good. They're harder to kill now, aren't they? More screams alerted her at the fact that she hadn't killed them all. Cursing once more, Deva ran from her current position, back to the Foyer from which all the screaming came from. She froze when she entered the room. Four more people had changed, and were chasing others, yelling and hissing garbled words, one of them Lucy. So far, she'd only killed two. With those four, it's be six. How many people am I going to have to kill?

Deva jumped into the fight immediately after that, slicing off another's head. She wasn't going to try for any spinal shots anymore, seeing as that hadn't worked the first time and to go for the heart when the target was moving around wasn't easy, especially with all the muscles and ribs you had to break through. Killing the man in his room had been easier because he'd been tied down.

"Deva! Need some help?" Deva finished slicing off a second ones head, turning just in time to collide with a third. The voice was familiar; Michael. Surprisingly, this attacker was more faster, evading Deva's shot and then trying to put in a few of his own. They're smarter now. They can actually fight!

"Michael, make sure they don't bite, scratch or even so much as wound you, 'kay?" Deva yelled back, finally finding an opening in the infected person's stance. She lunged forward, dipping her katana and then went for an impaling - through the throat. They made a gurgling sound before falling down before her, eyes rolling back and blood spurting from there mouth. Deva swallowed back bile, before turning to where she'd heard Michael.

"How are you do-" Her words froze on her lips. Lucy, the one who'd been the first to change, lay dead on the ground, head lolling to the side. And Michael sat next to her, panting hard, blood all over him. The blood didn't only belong to Lucy. "MICHAEL!" It was all she could not to start stabbing at the people around her as the virus inside broke free. The emotions she'd kept back all this time - hatred towards Julian for leaving her so long ago, jealousy and menace towards his slut, fury towards the whole house and its existence - and a scream of her own was released. Everyone in the Foyer - that was still alive - winced, and some even began to edge away towards the hallway.

Deva was literally "seeing red" by then, tears blurring her vision as she finally walked to wear Michael sat. He looked up at her, eyes pained. You can kill now, whispered a tiny part of her mind. Yes, I can, she told herself, and then raised her katana's tip from the ground. "I'm sorry," she whispered, positioning her arms so that the katana's blade was level with Michael's throat.

A sad smile took place on Michael's features as he looked at her. "Hey, I helped, didn't I?" He closed his eyes then, as twenty or so people watched with gaping mouths at what unfolded in the center f the room. "Do it. I don't want to go and start killing innocent people. That just isn't right." Deva nodded, still silent, and with one simple flick of her wrist, severed Michael's head. She watched it stay on his shoulders for a moment, before his body went limp and collapsed, the head rolling off and stopping beside the bloody hands of Lucy.

The virus growled from within, seeing that it's master was in pain, but not physically. Mentally. It knew of how she felt, and it urged her towards blood lust. With that lust came a wave of anger and frustration, and when Deva looked up at the crowd of people watching her, her eyes flashed red. Not multiple colors, just - red. And in her mind, a mental counter went off. Seven dead, once again...

And that was it. She ran. Ran, ran, ran. No one stopped her, wary of the katana in her hands, but instead just stepped to the side. She was glad. Deva didn't really want to kill anyone extra, though her body protested. Which was why she did what she did next, running straight out into the cold, snowy outdoors. Her breath came out in puffs of white vapor and her body screamed at her from both the pain in her chest and the need she felt. It was trying to overtake her, the virus was.

A ragged cry escaped her lips, and she crumpled to the ground, just before the forest. The cemetery forest. At the thought, a new rage filled her, and Deva's legs stood her up once more, moving at a slower pace as she went, teeth bared, virus going full out in it's need to have itself sated. Because to the virus, it'd be sated once she was dead after killing, as it would've been two years - but it wasn't two years ago anymore. She was a "hybrid" of sorts. She would never die from killing, and so the virus would never be sated.

Breathing hard, Deva stopped in the center of the forest. Snow covered the ground and her feet had left trails in it, but the snow could not cover what she knew lay beneath; could not cover the twenty or so bodies buried beneath. Katana in hand, Deva plunged it into the ground. Everywhere she could, she took her katana and buried it into the snow, imagining herself stabbing into every single one of the bodies that lay beneath her feet.

"I hate... you all," she sobbed, frozen tears falling down her face. The blood on her clothes had also begun to freeze, sticking to her skin and drying up. Her body was numb and stiff, and despite it all, she continued to stab away, crying and crying. "I hate you! I hate you! I. HATE. YOU!" She would've gone on, would've done worse, but her body gave away and she collapsed to the snow covered ground, the katana slipping out of her bloody hands. Arms wrapped around her then, a blanket placed between their two bodies.

"Come inside, it's cold out here. You'll catch a cold." Julian. After everything has happened, why was he, of all people, still alive? Shivering, Deva shook her head. The virus was still yelling inside, now telling her to go for his throat. "Deva, I saw what happened in there. I know it was hard for you. I know that it's nothing something most people would be able to do on their own, especially with the relationship you two shared-" Shared, she thought bitterly. Everything's in past-tense now, isn't it? "but it was the right thing to do. Accept it, don't feel guilt over it."

Guilt? He thinks I feel

guilty?! Angrily, Deva turned around in his arms, ready to yell, when his lips covered over hers and silenced whatever words that had been ready to leave hers. The virus died then, it's voice muting as he kissed her, first on the lips, and then deeper, bringing his arms tight around Deva even with the blood on her clothes.

As the two kissed, burying their pains in the passion, someone watched from not too far off, seething with anger. Her blonde curly hair billowed in the wind, and her hiss of anger was overpowered by the sound of the whistling wind. She felt anger towards the couple, but mostly towards Deva. She would pay, the woman decided, stalking away and lurking into the shadows as Julian finally pulled away from Deva, a warm glow in his eyes as he looked down at her.

"Let's go inside," he whispered, tugging on Deva's hand. Head down, Deva followed him back into the house, and there the two worked together to get rid of all the blood and gore left inside as they'd done, two years ago. By then, the group of people that had been in the room had dispersed, but no one had attempted to leave. Not yet.

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