Chapter Five: Come Inside, It's Cold Out Here

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Chapter Five: Come Inside, It's Cold Out Here

Lucy Renaldo was a plump woman with rosy cheeks and nice brown hair. Lucy Renaldo was also a good housewife who always cared for her husband and did his every bidding. Lucy was also the wife of the man who'd been detained by Deva.

She stood inside the kitchen, watching Deva, Julian and Michael set up times to watch the man. They were all very keen on holding him captive, but Lucy had other ideas. She knew her husband well, and she knew he would not - could not - break down so easily because of a few dead bodies. Be scared, yes. Go mad? She'd never imagined it. Cautious, she neared the hallway a bit more to hear the conversation, but got nothing more than Deva saying, "I'll be on guard first. Julian, I expect you to be near somewhere so I can get you when it's time for you're shift."

That was enough for Lucy. The shifts didn't go by time, it went by when the latest guard dispatched to get the other. And so, there'd have to be some time before a new guard was appointed. If there was a delay, it'd take even more time too! Lucy giggled to herself, watching Deva sit down before the door, a katana on her right, left hand at the hilt and at the ready. She'd just have to wait this lady out, Lucy decided, sighing.

Two Hours Later

There! The lady was up! Lucy grinned, excited. Finally, finally, finally! Giddy, she watched the lady look around herself, eyes sweeping through every corner - barely missing Lucy - and then begin to walk away from the kitchen, towards the Grand Foyer. Once she was out of sight, Lucy ran for the door, latching both hands to it and turning the knob, but there was a problem now - the door was locked. A hiss of anger escaped her lips, and she looked down the hallway for any sign of the man, Julian. No sign at all.

Using all the strength she'd accumulated over the years from beating chicken make it tender and carrying baskets of clothes, she snapped the door knob. The fact that she'd succeeded in opening it shocked her, but wasn't enough to stop her from finishing what she was doing. The room was pitch black, and so she turned on the light, closing the door softly behind her. Immediately, her eyes landed on a pile of pillows stacked over one another and blanket upon blanket over a figure that seemed to be human.

"Oh, Henry!" she leapt forward, pulling away all the blankets and pillows over her beloved, sighing when she finally got to see him. He looked like he was sleeping, and was having a pretty good dream. Lucy smiled, running a hand over his face, and leaned forward to press a kiss to his lips. What happened instead, was Henry waking up and... biting off Lucy's lips. She screamed, falling back. After that though, all human thoughts inside of her ceased. The virus took over.

The woman that used to be Lucy stepped away, lips torn away and teeth gleaming with blood that had spilled. She had a permanent smile on her face now, without those lips of hers. Body somewhat limp, she dragged herself out of the room and closed the door once more, walking to the kitchen and for the nearest of the two foyers with the largest amount of people. No one really noticed her at first when she walked in, but when she jumped a woman that looked to be in her late twenties, she finally got the notice she wanted. Everyone screamed, and chaos broke out.

It had only been two minutes. Two minutes had passed since Deva had left the room and already people were screaming and yelling for help. Deva ran out of the Grand Foyer, having forgotten looking for Julian, and slammed the door open of the man's "cell room." She found him still there, but the blankets and pillows were all on the ground, and there was a considerable amount of blood on his lips. Cursing, Deva took her katana and rammed it into his hear. Might as well be done with him if he was able to get someone.

Next, she ran for where he sounds of screams came from. As she exited the room, she came to confront a few frantic people, who ran passed her with frantic eyes, screaming. Shit, was all she could think before she ran after the few people - because she'd noticed one small difference in the group. Three of them had been running... and the fourth had been chasing.

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