Ch.2 Bodies on the dance floor

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Rebecca and I were the only ones on the dance for but that didn't last long. It felt like every swing of our hips brought more people to the dance floor.

Men danced alongside us and same for a few of the women. The music got louder and it actually felt like a club.

Well, what I assumed a club was like. I had hardly been in any since turning 18. Mostly because of my age, but with Rebecca that wasn't a problem.

I genuinely didn't like clubs but if I downed enough shots it would be fine.

"Hey, you good?" Rebecca shimmied her way over to me between the dancers.

"It's hot in here, isn't it?" I asked and fanned myself, remaining the awkward dance motion I was attempting.

"Go get some air," she nodded at the exit sign.

"Or a drink?" I winked.

"Why not both?" A deep voice startled us both as we jumped from the tone. I turned and realized it was Rebecca's on and off again boyfriend, Knave.

I have no idea what his parents thought when they were naming him.

"You made it!" Rebecca squealed and ran towards the man.

I watched as Rebecca basically tackled him to the ground but he kept his footing and held the girl tightly in his arms.


"Always. Thought I'd miss an opportunity to hangout with my girl?" Knave gave Rebecca a quick peck on the cheek and I decided it was time to take my leave.

"Reb, im gonna go get that air now." I smiled and hitched my thumb at the exit sign.

"Oh okay! Be safe love." Rebecca blew me an air kiss and went back to basically air humping Knave.

I waved a goodbye to both her and her white knight and rushed out the door. The drinks suddenly disagreeing with my stomach.

I managed to run out the heavy metal doors before emptying my stomach onto the pavement and a really nice pair of timberlands.

After I was done gagging I looked up, and up, and up at the man who was staring at me with a stone cold expression.

"I'm so so so sorry." I hiccuped and felt tears bead in my eyes.

The man mimicked a statue and stood in place, his face still emotionless.

"I'll go get a rag,okay?" I stood straight and turned in an attempt to go back inside the building.

"It's fine," the man's voice was deep and husky.

I jumped at the sound of it. I had honestly thought he was an off duty guard for the Queen.

I turned towards him again and looked down at the vomit on his shoes.

"You sure? You know what here," I pulled out my mini pocketbook and pulled out two 50 dollar bills and held them out to the man.

"It's fine. I can afford a new pair." He backed away from the money and his eyes locked with mine.

His eyes were a deep dark brown, almost black. The beautiful orbs narrowed as he looked me over, top to bottom.

The ripped jeans and crop top suddenly felt tiny and I would of preferred to be dressed like a nun.

"I'm gonna go ahead and group up with my friends then." I said after minutes of silence.

"Name." He nodded at me.

"Name?" I asked and cocked an eyebrow at him.

"What do people call you?" The man's expression showed a hint of amusement at my dumbness.

"Oh. I'm Aliza. Arlo." I shrugged and held out my hand.

His remained in the pockets of his black jeans.

"Tucker. Be careful." The now,not so mysterious man, nodded once more and walked past me and into the club.

Weird encounter sure. But could of been worse.

I wiped my mouth with the back of my hand and popped a leftover breath mint into my mouth before retreating into the club.

I made my way back on to the dance floor before realizing that Rebecca and Knave had, as usual, abandoned me.

They had an unhealthy habit of forgetting about me and going off to god knows where to jump each other's bones.

"Buy you a drink?" I turned towards an unfamiliar voice to find a rather short dude with oddly long hair.

"Sorry I'm actually about to leave." I chuckled and backed away. The boy, I'm not even sure if he's a man, nodded sadly and turned towards another brunette. No doubt asking her the same question.

I laughed silently to myself made my way out the front exit of the club. Which to my disappointment was crowded.

Did these people have not crave their beds? The soft pillows or warm blankets?

Because I sure as hell did.

I yawned and wrapped my arms around my bare middle as I took a right, opposite way of the line.

The wind blew and rain came with it.

"I swear to Christ I'm going to kill that girl," I whispered to myself as I turned onto the main road.

The wind blew once again and I felt chilled to the bones. Florida was supposed to be warm. Not 40 degrees and rainy.

It was about a half an hour walk from the club to our shared apartment. I could call an Uber but that was sketchy nowadays. But the busses and subway would be worse.

I sighed and decided to keep on walking. My phone began to vibrate in my pocket and I fished it out, sliding up on the green phone without checking who was calling.

"Girl, I'm so sorry! Knave and I were just so-"  I cut Rebecca off by ending the call. I was not in the mood to listen to her love story romantic bull crap.

But as soon as I step foot in the apartment that's all I'm going to hear. So why not enjoy the silence?

I'd continue this adventure of bar hopping?

I think that's what it's called.

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