I Saw Mommy Kissing Santa Claus

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It was December, just a few weeks before Christmas, but the holidays came early at Nina's neighborhood. The houses and sari-sari stores installed their Christmas lights and decorations, each increasing in number as the days leading to Christmas went by. Children started making their rounds, singing carols and begging for loose change. Drinking parties occurred left and right.

Even Nina's family prepared their decorations early. Jason and Arlene assembled the Christmas tree and hung a mistletoe at the living room. Nina hung her own decorations, which she made in school. They also installed a set of musical Christmas lights outside their house.

It was over dinner when Nina announced to her parents her next video project.

"I want to see Santa Claus!" she gaily said. "I'm going to catch Santa Claus on film!"

Her parents laughed at the child's sudden announcement.

"So you were serious when you said before that you wanted to see Santa Claus," Arlene said. "Dad, your daughter is planning another video project again!"

"Nina dear, Santa Claus is difficult to find," Jason replied. "The only other way you can see Santa is on Christmas Eve, when he comes to our home with your presents."

"He appears only before good children," her mother added. "He can see you, but you can't see him. Do you remember how that song about Santa Claus goes?"

"I can surely find Santa Claus!" Nina proudly exclaimed. "When I find Santa, I will take a video of him and Rudolph, the reindeers, and his little helpers, and all of the gifts he will bring to the whole world!"

"Well, good luck, honey," her father answered with a chuckle, "but if you do something naughty, you might not get any gifts from him!"

"Don't worry, Daddy," Nina answered. "I'll be a good girl, and I'll catch Santa when he comes here, and I will have a video of Santa!"

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