eleventh: belong*

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I think certain lyrics from here fit perfectly!

I drifted off into a dreamless sleep.

I woke up to my phone ringing and picked it up without seeing the contact name. I croaked out, "Hello?"

"Xavier," Harold's voice spoke, "are you home?"



I felt annoyed. "Because I cannot be with her every second of each day."

Harold was quiet before he spoke again, "Did she invite you yet?"

"No." I turned and buried my face in the pillow so my voice was muffled.

"Xavier, it's tomorrow. You need to secure an invite-"

"I know."

"It is absolutely essential. This is a golden opportunity to get to Reznick. We cannot-"


I hung up the phone and sighed deeply. The assignment had just started and I was already exhausted. I sat up on my bed. The bright sun rays streaming into the room told me that it was afternoon. I gazed at the time and saw that it was quarter past noon.

There had to be something that would make sure I would be Rosalie's plus one. Although she didn't have any lovers or boyfriends as of yet, she might still choose to go with her friends. I had to make sure that she would choose me.

I unlocked my phone and started searching for songs. It had to be subtle. Just a little flirty text should do the trick. I didn't want to come off too strong or desperate.

From my research, I knew that Rosalie was deeply into music. A specific kind of music. Classical. She also seemed to have a thing for vintage songs. Over the last few years, there were several times that she went to concerts where newer artists sang old songs. She seemed to have a particular weakness for traditional pop.

I took a deep breath. It had to be an intelligent guess. I searched Frank Sinatra and after going through a number of songs, decided to send her 'Strangers In The Night.'

Mason: This song reminded me of you...

I took a deep breath and pressed 'send'. This would have to do. If it didn't, I would have to come up with something else. Something much more desperate perhaps. And less cheesy.

I gazed at the time and remembered that Scarlett was probably in her exam right now. From the several instruments and posters in her room, I could tell that she was into a lot of pop music. I searched up a song, 'Imagination, Shawn Mendes.'

A part of me wondered if I was being too forward with her, but it was too late to think anyway. I had a feeling that friendship with Scarlett was going to be really vital in this scenario. Or even flirting, which was a much faster and efficient way.

I decided to go to the gym, burn off some steam and hopefully distract my mind for a while. I returned after a couple of hours, and the moment I entered my apartment, Annalise ambushed me.

"Harber," she said, and I noticed she had a package in her hand. "This came for you."

I removed my earphones and took the package from her. I gazed at the name, 'Rosalie Atkinson.'

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