♧ I'm supposed to be straight ♧

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"We do it just this once, okay? I'm (supposed to be) straight"


The clock said 11am on a friday.
And there I was, confessing my love to my best friend Jeremy, the captain of the rugby team and the straightest person ever, who I've known for years now and developed a crush on. "Why are you telling me this?" He asked with one of his eyebrows raised.

"Why- Why I am telling you this you ask?" This guy really never missed his chance to get me all confused."Yeah, m'just curious"

He shrugged as if it was nothing. "Oh- I- I thought about it and I came to the conclusion that I would feel guilty if you still touched and hugged me without knowing that I think about you that way"

The last words only left my mouth mumbled but still clear enough for him to understand, as I felt my eyelids getting heavier and tears forming in my eyes, ready to roll down my cheeks.

"That was all, Dorian? That is what you were making a fuss over all the time?" His words made my head snap back to him. Jeremy seemed pretty uninterested. Instead, his gaze fell on his clock which showed that we needed to hurry for our two last lessons P.E. .

"Let's go or we're gonna be late" He gently placed his right arm over my shoulders and we started walking towards the sports locker rooms. "So you're still my friend? Even though I'm a freak?"

"Sure, I recieve confessions all the time, no big deal. And you're not a freak" "Thank you... for accepting me," I whispered, as we stepped through the door between hall and shirtless guys.


The last lessons went fast by with us doing almost nothing but talking and fooling around. Amongst other things, Jeremy and I decided to go to his house after school to try out the new video game he recently got.

I was walking with him to his house when I could already see the gateway of it.

"It's so cool that your dad always gets the newest games because he's a sponsor" "I know right" There it was again, Jeremy's unmistakable smile which showed his perfect white teeth. "We're finally almost there." "RACE!" I screamed and ran towards the iron gate. "Hey, that doesn't count!" A pout played on his plump lips when I took the first step in the blooming front yard.

"Of course it does Stupid" I couldn't help but laugh at his childish behaviour.

How was it possible to not fall in love someone with these beautiful forest-green eyes and his breath taking body and -of course- his quiet but shining personality.

When we got to his room second floor I sat down on his bed in front of the TV screen, while Jeremy added the disc to the device."Snacks?" He asked me, of course already knowing the answer.

"Stupid question" I answered and we both laughed. Still chuckling, Jeremy left the room to get us some snacks.

I thought everything would be different but everything remained the same. It's still him fooling around with me. Nothing more, nothing less. I'm fine with that. I knew from the start that I didn't have a chance.

I was more than relieved about his reaction. My stupid ass thought that maybe he would act different if he were to know, but that was luckily not the case.

Five minutes later, Jeremy was back with my favourite chips and cola. "Only for ypu I bought the chips you like so much" He threw the bag in my arms "Here" "Thank you so much. I'm so touched" I made a overdramatically movement with my hands to show how grateful I was. "Now my life makes finally sense" The bag opened with his beautiful content in it.

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