Drunk and horny

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Note: ok so, the reason why male omegas dress in dresses or for female outfits is due to them wanting to feel more girl like.

Second: mates in this au are soulmates, sorry about the misunderstanding.

Third: this au will start to get more mature

Fourth: the other ships in this book, I want to tell you them right now so no one will get pissed off

-Sero x shinso x denki x Testsutestsu
-todoroki x Inasa
-Deku x Iida (rare pair!)
-Momo x Jirou
-Uraraka x Mina
All other characters will remind single or get a partner later on, if they get one later on I will put it in the notes!
Tw: Smut
Kinks: Dadddy,choking, biting,
They are still drunk

When we finally made it to my place, I lead the redhead upstairs. Our lips connect tightly, he throw his arms over my shoulder and I placed my hands on his waist tightly. I slam him against my bedroom door, I remove on hand from his waist and lock the door, right after I disconnected our lips. I carried him in my arms over to my king sized bed, I throw him onto the bed. He slowly strips teasing me, I sit on the bed he sits in my lap. He looses my tie before fully taking it off, he ripped open my shirt. He starts to bite my chest, once he was finished he takes my pants off. I throw him onto the bed again, his face faced me.

"You horny bitch"I stay putting my hand around his neck choking him. He let out a loud moan.

"Please Daddy!" He moans out, god that was sexy.

I grab some lude from my bedside table, I start to finger him and he moans like crazy. The mot he moaned the more I wanted to fuck him shitless. Soon he was ready, so I put my dick deep inside of him.

"Mhm~!" He moaned excitly.

I thrusted, he was so loud. How does someone his loud get away with so much crime?! His arms were around my neck, he was so kinky god.

"Daddy~mhm~coming~!" He said as a warm liquid comes out of him, my turn. Of course I pull out, even with a condom on I don't want to give out children.

The room filled with both of us gasping for breath, I turn off the lights. I lay down next to the redhead, he was already fast asleep. He was adorable, and all mine holy fuck! As I fall asleep, I play with the redheads hair.

As I wake up the next morning, I question what happened last night. A gasp causes me to open my eyes, I see a redhead in a tight dress climbing out my window. Was the queen himself trying to escape the king?

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