1 - The strange behavior of adult metropolitans during mating season**

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**That's actually the title of a late-90s German comedy—I LOVED that film. :) Do you guys ever draw writing inspiration from movies or TV shows?



Even though this story is inspired by celebrities, it is a work of fiction and I don't own any of the media (images, gifs, videos) posted throughout the story. Also note, this story is meant for adults and contains strong language and sexual content. No part of this story may be reproduced without my permission. Your comments and constructive feedback are appreciated. :) If you enjoy the story, please remember to vote. xo —AB



/ˈɡravədē/ noun

The force that attracts a body toward the center of the earth,

or toward any other physical body having mass. Similar: attraction


There was something miraculous yet totally weird about physical attraction, Al noted as she scanned the dimly lit pub in search of her best friend Lily.

Across from her, a well-dressed man puffed out his chest as his equally handsome male companion laughed with vigor at something he said. Like a couple of peacocks, those two

Next to them, Al noticed the blond beauty in her forties who was casting glances at a silver fox who was sitting amongst a group of friends.

And then there was the cute couple at the bar, lightly touching shoulders while devouring a bowl of nachos. Definitely South African penguins. They're mates for life.

Al drummed her fingers on the table. She hadn't felt a strong attraction to someone in a long time. She wasn't even sure she remembered how to flirt. 

Her phone lit up with a message from Lily. 

So so sorry, Al. Can't make it tonight. I spent the past hour getting cozy with my toilet bowl. I knew I shouldn't have eaten the tteok-bokki you brought over last week

Shaking her head, Al replied, Don't blame my ancestor's cuisine, Lil. LAST WEEK is the part that should've given you pause. Feel better. xx 

Great. Now what? 

Getting drunk all by herself was tempting after the week she's had, but an early meeting tomorrow made calling it a night the sensible option. 

Just as Al was about to signal the waitress to pay for her glass of Chardonnay, a young woman at the bar caught her eye—or more specifically the woman's reaction to the tall, tattooed white guy standing next to her who was looking down at his phone. 


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