I'm Writing (Parrlyn)

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Parrlyn, prompt was given to me by friend via. Instagram.

      Cathy muttered to herself as she walked out of her room. Living in a house with a girlfriend nobody knows you have was a pretty difficult thing. Not to mention, if your overly religious godmother found out, you would be dead for good. Heck, living with five other people was hard enough! Jane grabbed Cathy's shoulder, causing the girl to snap out of her trance and yell out in surprise.

Jane: Sorry, sorry! I was just asking everyone if they wanted to come to the store with me. Anne's not going, but, so far, everybody else is.

Cathy: No.. I um.. I've been working on this one writing project and I want to finish it soon so...

Jane: Alright, I understand!

Cathy: Thank, Jane. You're the best. Don't get hurt while you're out there.

Jane: I won't. Do you need anything though?

Cathy: Just another notebook.

Jane: Again?

     Jane couldn't but laugh at how fast Cathy managed to fill notebooks. It was a miracle the girl didn't have wrist problems from writing so much. Jane reached down to Cathy's left hand and turned it so she could see it better.

Jane: As usual, covered in pencil lead.

Cathy: That's what happens when you're left handed, Jane.

Jane: How are you and Anne doing?

     Cathy turned red with a scared look painted on her face.

Cathy: Wh-what do you mean by that?

Jane: Well, you two used to fight all the time, but now you're hanging out more. Did Anne finally forgive you for what happened to Elizabeth?

Cathy: Oh thank God..

Jane: What?

Cathy: Nothing, nothing. Yeah, she forgave me. We're just trying to make amends, you know?

Jane: Good, good. Well, I'll be off with the others now. See you, Catherine!

Cathy: Bye, Jane.

     The other four queens left to go to the store as Cathy shuffled back into her room to write. A sharp pain shot through her forearm as she wrote, but she didn't really care. She didn't have much else to do. A knock sounded at her door. She groaned and jogged over to open it.

Anne: Hey! Wanna watch a movie with me?

Cathy: Annie, I'm writing-

Anne: Babe, please? You can write later...

     Cathy signed. She loved writing, but, she had to admit, she did love Anne more.

Cathy: I guess so..

Anne: I did it!

     Cathy gave Anne a small smile as the taller girl took her hand. She was dragged downstairs onto the couch. The beheaded queen sat down next to her and grabbed the remote, cuddling up to her.

Cathy: What are we watching?

Anne: I don't know.

Cathy: Well then.

Anne: J-just..

     Anne blushed and looked up at her girlfriend.

Anne: Shut up and kiss me.

Cathy: I thought we were watching a movie.

Anne: I lied.

     Anne pressed her lips against Cathy's, and the shorter girl didn't resist. They only parted when they needed air. Anne pulled Cathy into her lap, continuing to kiss the smaller girl.

Cathy: I love you, Annie...

Anne: I love you too.

     Anne gently kissed Cathy's neck, but they heard the door to the living room open. Cathy jumped off of her girlfriend, but Jane had seen.

Jane: Oh-

Anne: Hi.

Jane: Um.

Anne: Don't-

Jane: A...Aragon? Can you come here?

Cathy: Jane, wait. Please don't.... Sh-she'll kill me..

     A few tears gathered in Cathy's eyes. Anne pulled the small girl into her arms, stroking her hair.

Anne: Shh, don't cry.. It's okay.. I'm here..

     Aragon appeared in the doorway with Jane.

Aragon: What is it?

Jane: Those two... just.. take a look for yourself.

     Jane left the room as Aragon made her way over to the couch. The survivor was sobbing into Anne's shoulder, and Anne was holding her as tight as she could.

Aragon: What is this?

Anne: Catherine, she's already crying. Do you really want to be that person?

Aragon: But WHY is she crying?

Anne: She thinks you're gonna be mad that me and her are together. You will. Go on, take it out on me, not her.

     Aragon looked at the crying girl. She reached down and rubbed her back.

Aragon: I'm not mad.. Just upset with the fact that you didn't tell me.. How long?

Anne: Six months..

Aragon: Just... you guys should've told me.. Can I hold her?

Anne: Yeah, come sit down.

     Aragon sat down next to Anne.

Anne: Cathy, baby, I'm giving you to Aragon.

Cathy: O..Ok-kay..

     Anne carefully pushed Cathy into Aragon's lap. The small girl's godmother wrapped her arms around her. She rubbed Cathy's back, letting Cathy shift so she was comfortable.

Aragon: Cathy, can you look at me?

     Cathy lifted her head to look at her godmother.

Aragon: I'm not mad. It's okay. Just.. you should've told me. I'll let you and Anne have some time alone now, okay?

Cathy: Okay..

     Aragon passed Cathy back over to Anne.

Aragon: Take good care of her, or else.

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