Chapter 22 : Searching For Peace

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There's that scent again.

Tanjirou noticed the off scent radiating from your figure once more, though the male kept silent about it as he thought it was just him misunderstanding something.

A few days prior coming back from the festival, the burgundy-haired male knew something was off about you.

Often coming in to their rooms to eat breakfast and dinner together, Tanjirou could've sworn that he would noticed your eye bags have become slightly darker than the day before. He assumed you haven't been getting a good sleep for some reason.

Although he knew it was an odd thing to do, even for someone like him, it made Tanjirou worried to the point where the male once would checked in your room after everyone's asleep to make sure if everything's all right.

He found nothing out of the ordinary.

You were just peacefully sleeping in your futon, though still with your eye bags didn't seem to disappear as the male realize your frowned look.

He would've question himself if it was just him, as Zenitsu and Inosuke didn't seem to notice anything weird either. That is, until another scent had caught Tanjirou off-guard.


"..I won the challenge and took both of his swords as my prized possessions!" Inosuke exclaimed proudly, putting on his boar mask as you could've sworn a wide grin was plastered on his face.

Both Tanjirou and Zenitsu had the same expression after hearing the story, feeling the guilt for the poor swordsman who must've need to wait for quite some time to get his newly forged swords. Who even knows if he was able to obtain a new one in the first place.

"That's an.. Interesting story.. Inosuke-san.." You pat his back gently, didn't really get as surprised as the other two boys. The moment you first laid your eyes on both of Inosuke's swords, you somehow knew there was something odd about them.

The boar-masked male actually took your words as a compliment before replying, "hah! I bet your story wasn't as interesting as mine, (mispronounced name)!"

He then point his finger towards your forehead, roughly poking it as a handful amount of smoke suddenly came out from the snout part of his mask, which you only reply back with questioning look.

Something about Inosuke's words actually made Tanjirou think for a moment.

Although the both of you had been traveling together for quite a while, the burgundy-haired male just now realized that he actually don't know anything much about you.

He figured that it'll be nice to catch up with the times while you were gone too, with him also wanting to give his gratitude for all the help he never get to pay back.

"Then what about you, (Y/N)-san?" Tanjirou called out, his voice managed to stop Zenitsu from attempting to throw away Inosuke's mask that he out of nowhere get to stole earlier.

You gulped, a bit dumbfounded. "..M-me?"

"Why did you decided to enter the Final Selection?"


Before you proceed to slide close the door, an echoe of Inosuke's laughter can be heard from outside of the room. You could only assume that he may or may not receive a loud scolding from Zenitsu next, telling him to shut up or something of the sort.

Either way, the boys never yet to notice how their company actually managed to distract you from what you've been experiencing lately. Even for only a moment, just being around them gave you a slight comfort that you never thought would admit now.

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