Chapter 15

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Chapter 15

*months later*

Kai's POV

It's so good to be back in school after so long. Being in jail was like being in a hell hole. When I entered the school building I saw everyone suddenly rushing and gathering into the auditorium. I obviously had no idea what was going on because I was put away because of a lesbian couple. So I asked a random guy who was also headed to the auditorium what was going on.

"Today is the careers day. They let us check out different universities for higher studies, local and international. Oh and today is also the last day of school just...just letting you know since I haven't seen you around lately after beating up the girl." The random guy told me before rushing off.

Okay so I technically came to school for no reason since there aren't going to be any studies done and today is the last day of school and I have no idea where I want to continue my further studies. Just great! Oooo! I see Daniel should I talk to him? I don't know...the last time I spoke to him or at least tried to I was only opening and closing my mouth like a fish but no words came out. He looked at me weirdly and continued with his work. I couldn't talk to him. Not even say hi.

I watched as he rounded the corner walking towards me. His right hand was behind him like as if he was pulling something. I followed his hand to see that he was holding another hand. Following that hand up to the face I was shocked to see that that hand belonged to Leslie. Last I checked Leslie and Daniel weren't that close at all. I just watched them as Daniel stopped and put his arm around Leslie's waist kissed her... it was a deep passionate kiss I just had to stop.

"Hi Daniel!" I said walking up to him. He quickly pulled away his lips from Leslie's by he still had his hand around her waist which was starting to annoy me.

"Hi Kai! Long time. How was your jail cell and roommate if you had one? Oh and obviously you know Leslie but I'd still like to tell you that she's my girlfriend."

My jaw dropped to the floor when I heard that they were together. He's mine! Leslie he's mine! You cannot take him away from me! Urrrrrggggghhhh!!!

"Humm...well then congrats to you guys...yay! Umm...have you'll by any chance seen Rain around?" Just as I had finished asking my question I heard laughter headed towards us. I turned around and saw Rain and Shane obviously walking towards the three of us.

"Hi Rain."

"Hi Kai. Hello my lovely couple how do you do today?" That's it. That's all she has for me. God that female makes me mad all the time.

"So...what are your plans after school?" I asked trying to make a conversation

"Oh the four of us are headed off to Portugal. We are all headed for the same field except Shane who plans on doing forensics, but hopefully same place of work. What about you Kai?" Rain replied

"I don't know. I'm not sure yet. Maybe Portugal or Britain I'm not sure yet."

"Oh guys did I tell you my mom finally came around and let me back into the house? After three days of not having me around to bug her she came and said that she will try and change her views but to give her time which I gladly agreed to do." Rain said. She was kicked out of the house? Why? How come I didn't hear about it? The four friends started talking to each other and they excluded me. I felt extremely awkward standing there. I couldn't blame them much because I caused the trouble in the first place that landed me in jail for months. Rain had definitely moved on and was happy with Shane but I still couldn't stand her presence. Without saying anything Shane always seemed to be getting on my nerves. Then there's Daniel...who won't even look at me long enough to know how much I like him. Why would he choose Leslie? She's not that pretty. She's not funny. She's just annoying.

"Anyways guys nice meeting y'all after so long. Hope y'all have a good future ahead. Bye. I'm going to check out the fair and then go home."

"Bye Kai" they said in unison.

I left them and walked around the crowded school grounds for sometime before leaving. I still wanted to correct things with Rain. Somehow I shall get her to talk to me properly again and if it has to be in Portugal let it be. I shall get my way no matter what.



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