Chapter 14

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Chapter 14

Rain's POV

So today Leslie is allowed to return back to the school. Awesome! And there is no Kai to beat her up this time. Yay!

"Hey totem pole! How are you?" I said while catching up with her in the corridor.

"Really Rain? Totem pole?"

"Okay fine then the tallest building in the world. So let's start over. Hey Burj Khalifa!"

"Shut up Rain!"

"What?" I asked laughing.

"Just because of your dwarf size doesn't mean I'm a giant!" Leslie said pushing me.

"Yeah it does. Leslie's a giant."

"How's your girlfriend?"

"She's doing very well." Just then we saw Shane storm out of a classroom.

"Still doing well?"

Just as I walked to the classroom she came out of I saw Kyle, Daniel and their whole football team laughing in the centre of the room and no one else was really paying attention to them.

"Oh! Hey look! It's the dyke's girlfriend!" I heard Kyle say and then her continued laughing. Daniel and the rest of the team immediately kept quiet when I entered the room.

"Hi Kyle. I would like to know why you were laughing at my girlfriend?"

"Ha! Well she came in here thinking that she owns this place now that she's dating you. All I can say is that she was asking for it." He said standing up and...pulling his zip up. Sick! "You should read Leviticus 18:22"

"And you should have read John 13:34! Your time's up mate." I was ready to pound the guy when both Daniel and Leslie came between us. "What did you do to her!?" I yelled and tried to wrestle my way out of Leslie's and Daniel's grip.

"Ummm...nothing really." he said coolly.

I managed to calm down and then storm out of the classroom to find Shane. I knew Leslie would follow me but as I ran I could hear a third set of footsteps behind me. Turning around I was surprised to see Daniel with us. When I stopped I was sure I had a questioning look on my face.

"I can explain!" He said.

"Start fast!"

"I'm sorry I laughed. I shouldn't have. I'm not against you or Shane or anyone else who is gay. I'm not homophobic. I tried to stop Kyle from kissing her really but he wouldn't listen. I swear I tried pulling him away from her" He was speaking extremely fast and I wasn't following much of it.

"Danny! Stop! Explain slowly later! Right now we have to find Shane." And I started running again with the two of them behind me. I ran down the crowded corridor and finally reached the girls bathroom. I told them both to wait outside. Yes, Leslie also. There were a bunch of girls gossiping and doing up their by the mirror. I told them all to leave. When the room was finally silent I could hear someone sniffling from one of the stalls.

"Shane? Where are you?"

"Go away!” she screamed. I was able to locate from where her voice came from. I tried to push the bathroom door open but it was locked. Obviously it would be locked. I'm stupid. I entered the stall near it and then climbed the locked stall where Shane was.

"How did you-" she was definitely shocked.

"I climbed. Did he touch you? Did he hurt you?"

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