Chapter 12

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Chapter 12

Rain's POV

"Bye mom I'm going over to Shane's place." I told her while heading to the main door.

"Oh honey ask her if she wants to come over for dinner tonight."



*at Shane's house*

I had worn dark sunglasses when I had left because of the swelling around my eye.

"Hey Shane" I said while hugging her when she opened the door.

"Hey come in!" Well it was so inviting that she pulled me in and then quickly shut the door.

"Can I see your eye?"

"Sure" With that I slowly removed the glasses and showed Shane my eye. She touched around the swelling making me flinch.

"Can we go up to your room instead of spending the rest of the time at front door? Oh and my mom and I have invited you over for dinner. Can you come?"

"Yeah! Sure!" She said excitedly.

" did you...come out? To your parents?" I was kind of nervous to ask her that question but it had to come out somehow, I just needed to know.

"I had brought a girl home once. Like you she had short hair but her voice was deeper. Like that of Kate Moennig. She didn't attempt to dress feminine she was proud to be gay. I was still scared, I didn't know to tell my parents. So I called her home for dinner once there were moments of awkward silence. I was afraid to hold her hand even under the table. When she left my dad asked me when mom wasn't in the room whether I liked her...more than a friend and if I was dating her. I came clean to him easily and he immediately accepted. The next day with him by my side I told my mom. She was shocked and her expression was as if she hated me or...or didn't want me anymore but then she just came and hugged me saying "I will always love you. Whether you're in love with a guy or a girl or even a goat". I have no idea why goat but okay goat it was either ways she was happy for me" she smiled and squeezed my hand after telling her story.

"Wow" I whispered.

"You want to tell them don't you?"

"Hmmm...but I don't know how..."

"Do you want me there?"

"I don't know...I mean what if they don't accept they'll hate you and blame it on you and won-" I started panicking until Shane stopped me.

"Hey hey hey you gotta calm down okay. Chill they won't hate you or me especially when they know what Kai has done to both of us. Okay so chill. And if they ever kick you out you're always welcome here." She gave me a hug and started kissing me. Knowing where this was headed I kissed her back.


*at home*

I got home earlier because I had to have a shower and get dressed. I wore my usual trousers and a shirt. I still didn't know why mom asked us to dress up and what we were celebrating. I checked my calendar just to make sure I haven't forgotten either of their birthdays or their anniversary. I was relieved when I saw there was still many months for dad's birthday and their anniversary.

I heard the doorbell ring so I ran down the stairs to welcome Shane. Can't afford to keep certain guests waiting they are a bit too impatient. Like all the other times my mouth was on the ground when I saw her stunning as ever in a short black dress. One which was a bit more formal than the white one she wore to the beach. My eye was wide open. If my left eye didn't hurt like a bitch I would have said eyes.

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