Chapter 7

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Chapter 7

Shane's POV

Today I decided to pick up Rain and then go to school with her. I waited outside her house for a few minutes before she came out with a big goofy smile on her face. She wore her famous pair of jeans and Portugal jersey. I loved her simplicity. She hopped into my car and gave me a peck on the lips. We drove to school laughing and joking the whole ride while we intertwined our hands. When I parked the car in a free parking spot I made sure no one was looking before taking Rain by surprise and giving her another passionate kiss.

My first class was art, sadly and Rain had history. Since my classroom was further away I decided to walk Rain to her class before heading to mine. As I opened the classroom door I noticed Kai's annoyed face looking at me. I gave Rain a hug and whispered in her ear to take care especially if Kai comes up to her. After that I started walking to my class while thinking about Rain and our the beach. I was lost in my train of thoughts when I suddenly felt my head hit the back of the lockers.

Kai was holding me by the collar when she suddenly punched me in the stomach making it impossible to breathe for a minute. Then I got a sourish metallic taste in my mouth suggesting I was hit in the cheek and my cheek was cut from the inside against my teeth.

"WHAT DID YOU DO WITH HER!!!???” Kai started yelling at me. Her face was red with anger and some sort of hatred towards me. Why? I mean I didn't do anything to her. Rain...just chose to hangout with me that's all.

"” I asked her between gasps of air.

"I FUCKING SAW THE WAY YOU TWO LOOKED AT EACH OTHER!!” she shouted while throwing me against the lockers again.

"Kai... I didn't do...anythin", I managed to say as pain started to cover the back of my head and stomach. I felt her kick my stomach again before I slowly started to black out. I could hear someone yelling at her while the person ran their palm gently against my face.


Kai's POV

This makes me sick! First I see them kiss in the car. Wait not any car...Shane's car and then outside history class. Like really? Can't y'all get a room already if y'all are together or something? This I why I need Taylor around, she would make sure Rain is "obedient". Make sure she doesn't chase girls and definitely threaten her about telling other people.

"Psst! Rain! How's new girl?” I asked her with a low voice. She was sitting in the seat I front of me with some other girl, Gwen. I wouldn't be surprised if Rain is close to Gwen also. Honestly! Who is this female not close to beside Taylor and me?

"Kai...”new girl" has a name. And it's Shane! Please do learn to call her that. Oh and yeah she is good. She is an amazing...friend unlike you.” Rain answered with slight annoyance in her voice. Wait Rain never gets annoyed, why did she just get annoyed? And why is she supporting new girl, I mean Shane. And why'd she pause and say amazing friend?

"What do you mean unlike me?"

"Well you see, unlike you she is willing to listen to others problems and not force the others to listen to hers. She is kind, funny, beautiful, has a heart and-", I didn't want to hear more. I quickly got up from my seat and walked out the door. I just needed to find Shane and give her a piece of my mind. She has no right to steal my best friend away from me just like that and then kiss her!

When I found her walking towards her class I grabbed her collar and pushed her against the locker before punching her. I'm pretty sure I broke one of her bones of her rib cage as I heard a crack. I repeatedly started punching her and questioning her but it was useless as she wouldn't say anything. I was about to break her nose when Rain came running and told me to stop.

"Why the fuck are you doing this? Why?” she shouted at me while she ran towards Shane obviously not even bothering to check about my well being.

"You don't deserve her, you deserve better! She is nothing. Shane. Is. Nothing. She is a nobody and will always be that way.", I said and spat in her face before walking off.

I felt...better after beating up Shane. Like as if I earned some respect from them.


'Hey Taylor', for some reason I felt the need to text her

T:'Hey gal wat up'

'Hows ur Rain doin?'

K: 'well not gud. I don't think she'll talk to me after wat I did"

Taylor didn't reply immediately which I guess meant she was thinking

T: 'wat did u do to her?"

There was some sort of concern in that text

K: 'I kinda beat up the new girl n rain got all protective of her. I think they lyk each other and..'

I didn't know whether I should tell her what I saw.

T: 'awww! Well good for the girls. Y did u beat her up tho? And mind continuing ur "and.."'

K: 'u did not just say aww -_-. It's sick and against us. And yea I saw them kiss.'

'Anyways I g2g I've got class bye'

God!!!! She did not just support them!!! What is going on with people these days? Taylor used to give Rain a hard time about being gay but now she seems happy for her.

Or was it because Rain used to like me? Whatever in any case now Rain won't even look at me, I've pretty much lost all my friends and on hearing this story I don't think the guy I'm crushing on will even look at me or talk.

Maybe I should get Rain to just talk to me. Just be friends once again.


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