Chapter 3

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Chapter 3


Rain's POV

Most people would wake up and be hyper and excited for the first day at school but not me. No, not after what happened last year. I still have that feeling that Taylor is going to return. Like she just said that she is leaving to get my spirits up. Hmm well who cares anymore. I had thought about going late to school as I live nearby but my car had gone for servicing and mom and dad leave early for work. I had no other choice but to go with them.

When I arrived at the school it took some time to find the classroom as the teachers seem to have no other work but to switch the rooms and teach. I hoped the room would be empty because...I mean come on it's only 6:30am! But I was wrong, there were two unfamiliar faces standing near the class list at the end of the room. They both had a sort of light brown skin tone. They were both new and we all decided to introduce ourselves and have a little chat before everyone entered. I figured out that their names were Mackenzie and Shane.

Mackenzie looked like your typical nerd but when you actually talk to her she is fun. She was a few centimetres taller than me and had long dark hair. She wore black jeans and a white blouse with a long necklace around her neck and some good makeup and high heels. Shane was about my height...a bit taller... Yes I'm short get over it!. Anyways. She had shoulder length black straight hair, and black eyes. She wore a blue superman t-shirt and blue jeans and normal running shoes. She was slightly thinner than me. When she smiled you could see her teeth and man they were in a perfectly straight line. Whatever perfume she used was really good. It wasn't too strong and it wasn't too light and it smelled of cherries.

Woah! Did I just describe Shane in more detail than I did about Mackenzie!?

'Yes you did you idiot! God I have no idea how we are the same person'

'Shut up! You're my mind! I'm supposed to control you not you control me! Now leave me alone with my friends please'

'Sorry but, I am you'

Eventually more friends started to enter and finally the class seemed alive after the holidays. Kai entered the class and looked at me before sitting down. Looking back at her the painful thought about that day last year came to my mind as I tried to divert my thoughts it suddenly went to Shane. I didn't think much of it and went to talk to Kai. She seemed slightly better after Taylor left and I thought maybe I could ask her why she told her in the first place or what she was thinking when she did all those things.

"How where your holidays Kai?” I had asked

"Hmm yeah they were good. Listen my birthday is next week and I was wondering if you could come?” she said but there was slight boredom in her voice. Like as if she didn't want a party and her parents forced her or she couldn't care less that she was talking to me.

"Yea I'll let you know about that because... I know it’s kinda obvious that the party is on a Friday but...I think I'm busy on that day. I'll see though if I can come", (I picked Friday because it’s our normal weekend here. Friday and Saturday) I told her but all she seemed to do was roll her eyes and mouth a whatever.
I controlled my anger and tried not to think too much about it.

The day was pretty much uneventful. Unless you consider the fact the Shane kept popping into my head. Oh how I wish to hold her in my arms.....woahp! Nope no not the best thoughts for the first day back to school. And the new girl really?!


Shane's POV

It was kind of awkward being the only one in the class for almost half an hour. Who knew that today of all days there wasn’t going to be any traffic.

The school looked almost deserted since it was so early. I started to wonder whether I was sitting in the right class or not. After a while Mackenzie entered and then Rain.
Mackenzie was surprisingly nice to talk to. I seriously thought she was a typical nerd with that look and the glasses she wore just added to the effect. Rain on the other hand looked wow! Her hair was dark brown and it was a bit longer than mine. She was a typical tomboy I could make out from what she wore to the way she walked. While the three of us were talking I couldn't help but take a few quick glances at Rain. She seemed to have been tensed up about something because she would keep clenching her hand and had this sort of frown come on each time.

Throughout the day I couldn't help but notice her each time. She seemed kind of stressed and annoyed while talking to that girl. If I'm right I think her name was Kai. Hmm anyways in order to know why she was so stressed I'll just have to get to know her better.... Could I love her?


So here is chapter 3. Please let me know what ya'll think. And maybe even try and answer Shane's question??

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